Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rants and raves or this or that.

Very little going on around here the last few days. We are finally into summer. But this coming week (when we were kind of planning on hitting the road) it is going to rain for a couple of days. Temps during day have been pretty steady around here. 
I've been doing jigsaw puzzles - I buy the boxes that have several different size puzzles in them. The last box I bought has 12 puzzles. I've done six. The brand name is Cardinal. Three of the puzzles had a piece missing. Really missing - why am I sure of that - well because they all also each had two pieces exactly the same. So had two of one piece and none of the other. The last one I just did about 25 pieces the picture was not attached to the cardboard backing. Tried gluing them but couldn't get them exact so then they didn't want to fit. GRRR. Moral - don't buy Cardinal puzzles. So all those puzzles had to be thrown out instead of shared. 
Had a kind of pretty moon one night that I happened to look outside. 
I got curious the other day and measured my height. When I was younger I was 5' 1 and 3/4". I wanted to be 5'2" so bad. Surprisingly enough I am still 5' 1 and 3/4". In fact the first time we measured it showed 5'2 1/4" I grew??? Nope just measured wrong. But my feet are growing used to wear a 6 1/2 now take a 7 1/2. Asked Google - "“Over time and through gravity, our feet tend to get longer and wider,” Dr. Rowland says. “That happens after our ligaments and our tendons become a little bit more lax over time.” Now we know why. 
 And a pretty sunset one night. 

We went over to the doctor's office the other day and got all our appointments scheduled for September moved to October. Lovely girl in office got it done in a couple of minutes. So that gives us two months to mosey around. Also had to go to bank and get a debit card renewed early as it would expire in middle of mosey. That took quite a while. Banks are not set up to be customer friendly. 
He just sat here for a couple of minutes. Got me to wondering if the hot weather heats up the nectar. I would think it does. Maybe he was waiting for his last drink to cool off. 
Has any one tried the Arctic Cool clothes or hats? The hats sound great. 
Remember the letter we had to go to the post office to pick up? Could not believe it when I picked it up. It is the exact same letter we got in the mail the day before - from the park we live in about doing a "four sided inspection" in August. So they mailed them out to everyone regular mail and then mailed the exact same thing certified...Waste of money. Wonder what they will find this time? 
Bill is playing with his drones. He got some kind of film that he can put on the tablets he uses when flying them. It is supposed to make it easier to see the tablet in the sun. Hope it works. Be nice if he could see what the drone is seeing when he is filming. 
So that is it for now.


SandyM said...

Have missed you; glad to see you back!

Carol and Bill said...

Sometimes there just isn't anything to write about...:)

Barb said...

I bought one of those cooling hats but haven't tried it yet. Will let you know when I do>


Carol and Bill said...

I'm curious if they work - the older I get the more the heat bothers me and the quicker it bothers me.

Kathy Tycho said...

I've shrunk...Eric says I'm disappearing! Are you still going to Mexico this winter?

Carol and Bill said...

Yes - sometime around mid-Nov to mid March. But it will be our last year. Just want nice memories not the ones we have from last winter. Did you get a house?