Sunday, July 14, 2019


Sunday just before noon, over 105 already, yesterday it was 111. But supposed to cool down to around 104 in a couple of days. The new air conditioner is running most of the day. At least it is a lot quieter than the old one. Yesterday we got a notice in the mail that we have to schedule an inspection to check and sign off on the permit pulled to install it. Lovely - hopefully I can schedule it before we are planning on leaving.
Speaking of leaving this is our tentative trip plan. About 4000 miles. With lots of side trips in the Jeep. Not sure how long it will take or even if we do it all. Bill is using Streets and Trips to plan it out. I'm trying out my new on-line program RV Trip Wizard. GRRRR. I don't have S and T on my laptop any more and can't get it so need to have some program.Big learning curve.
This is Street and Trips 
Trip Wizard. The Green are campgrounds, the purple  and red are waypoints.
This is RV Trip Wizard
Facebook put this picture on my timeline on Saturday. Said it was from eight years ago. It was after Bill's heart attack and he was just getting out and walking some. Our driveway in Indiana. If you want to read about it click here.
Sure a lot of changes since then. And he has been through a lot of medical procedures since then. I don't think he has anything left that needs repair or can come out. Took this picture Saturday here in front of the house after he remarked - hey that is what I'm wearing today. He is walking with much more vigor now.
Also got a notice the PO tried to deliver something to me Saturday. I thought we'd stayed home all day but then remembered we went to Burger King for about 15 minutes...figures. Bill wanted to try their new burger - the Impossible Whopper - not made of meat. So we both got one. Not bad, I'd eat it again. A little about it.
"Heme, or soy leghemoglobin, is the ingredient said to set the Impossible Burger apart from other plant-based burgers. It adds to the flavor and color of the burger and makes it “bleed” like a beef burger does when cut."
To read more about it click here. I'm glad I ate it before I read this. 
But back to the post office, they won't redeliver the item so I have to go to the PO to pick it up. 
Went to the grocery store. Bought a loaf of Sunmaid Raisin Cinnamon bread. It is now about half the size of what it used to be. 14 (fourteen) slices of bread INCLUDING the crusts. And price has GONE UP!
I have been watching Hallmark Channel Christmas in July movies and was craving hot chocolate - the drink of choice for EVERY movie. So we went to Albertsons and got some Abuelita Chocolate. It is a Mexican hot chocolate drink. I've always looked at it in Mexico but never bought any. So I checked on line to see if was sold here. Sure enough the Albertsons just up the street from us. 
It comes six tablets to the package. One tablet will make two cups. Bill made some using milk. So here we sit in 110 degree heat drinking hot chocolate. Tastes very, very good. But forgot to get tiny marshmallows! 
I'm working on a jigsaw puzzle that is driving me nuts. None of the pieces I have go together!
Watched the NASCAR race yesterday. What an ending. Brother against brother. For my thinking the wrong brother won. But glad he did.
That's about it for now. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Have you taken that route before? There is a terrific state park with full hookups along I-25 in Colorado Springs. It is Cheyenne Mountain SP and fairly new. Also, I highly recommend Trinidad Lake SP, in southeast Colorado, also along your route. Carpios Ridge campground there also has full hookups or you can choose electric only. And finally a beautiful COE campground about 25 miles southwest of Santa Fe is Cochiti Lake. I know it has electric and water, but not sure about full hookups. It is a fairly new campground with paved sites and a "you can see forever" view. Anyway, have fun and hope you find some cooler temps. Judy

Carol and Bill said...

no we haven't gone that way. many thanks for the info. have copied it into our notes.

Mark said...

Looking forward to following along with you on your trip. Stay safe.

Barb said...

That looks like a fun trip! I missed so much on my trip south thru there with all my Jeep problems two years ago. I need to go back and check it all out again and see what I missed. Have fun!

Carol and Bill said...

did you see the race Saturday?

Carol and Bill said...

Bill has been researching and has found a lot to do.

Mark said...

I did see it, classic brother against brother. In a month I will be watching them in Bristol. Looking forward to it very much, and the road trip as well.

Kathy Tycho said...

Just wondered if a DVD copy of 2008 Streets & Trips would help. I can bring it in Noveember if it's useful to you.

Carol and Bill said...

No it doesn't I have 2009 and 2013 neither will load. According to many hours spent on phone with Microsoft because they no longer support it there is no way to enter the license # and activate it. GRRRRR but many thanks. I originally had it on my laptop but last year I had to restore/reload windows and lost all my programs. from then on it wouldn't reload.

Carol and Bill said...

need someone to carry your suitcase?

Contessa said...

That is going to be quite the trip. We are only about 1 day or so from where stop at the Northern tip of your map. It will definitely cooler.

Carol and Bill said...

Don't know how much of the trip we will actually follow.