Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Oh woe is me!

A couple of nights ago I noticed this reflection of the setting sun in the desert on our neighbors window. It would make a nice painting. 
 Up early this morning to watch the not to spectacular but still nice sunrise.
 Work continues on all projects. It has been cool enough in the garage in the mornings for Bill to spend time out there. Every time I go out there something more is done. In this picture he has clamps holding the bottom of the frame on. If I stood on a stool I'd get a better picture of it, but never remember to bring the stool out there.
 And my apron is progressing. I have cut the backing and made the neck strap and ties. Now just have to put it together. I was working on it today when we decided to take a trip back to the pharmacy.
And why would we be going back to the pharmacy. Well because I'm having quite a reaction to the tetanus shot. Today is better than yesterday. My whole upper arm from shoulder to elbow was swollen, hot, red, itching and hurting like the devil. So pretty much just sat around holding my arm still. The arm even even hurt to walk.  This morning when I woke up it felt much better, wasn't hurting, but still sore. Lots of the swelling was done. Only swollen just above the elbow. Still red and warm though. Well as the day moved on so did the swelling is is "flowing" down my arm. Now it is below my elbow and I am starting to get bruising in the crook of the elbow. See the big lump hanging there. Usually that is flappy crappy skin. Now it is smooth and no wrinkles.
 You can see where the swelling stops - that is about 2 inches below my elbow. Any way...the pharmacist was amazed. Never seen a reaction like this. Called several people for advice. Only advice they could give was go see a doctor.
So we debated. Yesterday, yes, I should have gone to doctor. But today it is really better. Not itching so much. Swelling way down - just that it is moving down my arm. Maybe I should hold my arm above my head and see if it runs uphill. I feel fine and no fever so decided to wait it out to see what happens. But I can tell you that is my LAST tetanus shot ever. Probably would be any way 'cause next one isn't due until I'm 91.
So that is our excitement for the last couple of days.
Has any one else noticed that a lot of pictures are missing from Facebook?  Strange going ons in the world today.


Kathy Tycho said...

That is quite the reaction! Pictures missing on facebook are due to some maintenance issue...Facebook's fault and they are working on it. Seems ok this morning.

Teaspoon said...

Same thing happened to me when I got the shingles shot.

Barb said...

That reflection in your neighbors window is so pretty! Looks like a painting! You should show it to them! Hope your arm improves! If it hasn't gotten better by tomorrow I would get it checked out. Better safe than sorry!

Carol and Bill said...

Scary how Facebook etc. can make differences in our every day life. I hate the ads after I look something up.

Carol and Bill said...

I got the first shingles shot with no problem, now I don't know if I want the get the new ones. Just today my arm is almost normal.

Carol and Bill said...

Arm is almost normal finally. I have all my crappy wrinkles back on it.

Contessa said...

You were having a severe allergic reaction. I suggest that this should be your last one.

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