Sunday, July 28, 2019

Day Two. Staying in place.

Still in Ely, NV.  It got COLD here last night when I got up it was 45 degrees. Forgot we were over 6500 feet here. Warmed up to the high 80's during the day. 
So far haven't discovered anything we forgot. But have to tell on myself from yesterday. We got everything loaded up - I got in the RV shut my door buckled up and went to get my sunglasses which I keep in my purse...I FORGOT my purse in the house. How could I, who never goes anywhere without my purse, forget it. Glad I wanted my sunglasses. I probably would have realized it when we stopped for breakfast but...Guess I'd better add it to my "get ready to go" list.
Made the decision to stay here another night. Will turn the furnace on for sure. After all it is NASCAR race day at Pocono. 
Here at Valley View RV we are parked right next to the US 93, during the day if the door is open the traffic noise is bad. 
But didn't bother us at night. Our spot is level enough that we aren't using the jacks. A good place to overnight. 
There is a lot of this metal sculpture art here in town. Mostly in front of businesses. 
 Measuring yourself compared to a bear on the outer wall of the museum.
 Basque Sheepherder Mural. The Basque came to Ely from their homeland in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. This area was the last open range district in Nevada and brought many Basques here before the grazing laws went into effect. 

 Some really neat older buildings here in Ely. An old gas station. 
 Another old gas station with fuel truck. From the 1940's.
 Blacksmith Shop. Honors longtime local blacksmith, Frank Evans, whose blacksmith business stood in the front of this mural for many years.
 Yes! This really is a working "House of Ill Repute." Didn't go in just looked it up on-line. 

 This mural was commissioned in 2000. Artist Wei Luan emphasizes the workers who toiled in the mine to realize the American dream. The miners haled from Asia, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia and Great Britain. They carved out the mountain to retrieve copper and other metals.
 Greek Heritage. Traces the history of the Greek culture and their relocation to Ely to work in the mine and smelter. 
 Love the old corner building across the street. 
 Mural on side of the building depicts how cattle got to market by rail. Wish I'd got a better picture of it. 
 A couple more older buildings. 
 Sponsored b the Hotel Nevada and the El Renaissance Society in 2016, this mural recognizes the women of various ethnic cultures who came to Ely and helped build the community. 

Just a small mural painted on the wall of a private home. 
 The Charcoal Ovens Mural depicting the Italians who came here to build ovens to produce charcoal for smelting the ore in the late 1880's 
 A second wave of Italians were recruited to build the railroad that took the ore to the smelter and on to market. Laying the rails in the Great Basin. 

We stopped at the Hotel Nevada for lunch. Then continued our ride around town - which I will spare you until tomorrow. 
Inside the hotel. 
 On the outside front of the hotel. 
We thought about going out to the Charcoal Ovens but the weather has not been kind to the 10 miles road out there. Besides I wanted to watch the race. 

Tomorrow we will be heading towards Wendover, UT just to check out the Bonneville Salt Flats. Only 120 miles. Slowly we move north. Because the altitude is lower there it will be warmer. 

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