Thursday, July 11, 2019

Planning a summer trip.

We've spent the last couple of days at the computers planning a summer trip. Every time we think we have it done one of us makes a change! Hopefully we are done changing things so I can put it into our new mapping program for RVs. It is an unforgiving program, hard to change things in.
Bill working hard on planning the trip 
Anyway. I got out the other morning before it got too hot 10:30 now and already over 100. Walked around the park some and of course forgot my camera. Saw lots of bunnies, a hawk and some beautiful flowering bushes and a group of geese flying in a perfect V formation. 
Then we went to Walmart and had a new battery put in the Mustang. So we spent almost an hour walking around the store. Got in over 7500 steps. My shin is sore today. 
Interesting experience in WalMart. We were looking for the shortest line with an actual cashier [every time we go there there are fewer and fewer actual cashier lanes.] A worker came up to us and asked if we had any produce - no we didn't - so she said she could check up out with her handheld device. Very quickly she scanned everything, I put my card into the device and we were done. Luckily we had remembered to take our own bags with us that time so loaded them. Don't know how it would have worked if we hadn't had our bags. No produce, because no way to weigh it.
Came across this picture of me and Conan the other day. She, the snake, was almost 20 feet long and weighed around 100 pounds. She lived in an enclosure in the back yard for several years. She belonged to one of our sons, but lived with me. 
Thought I'd post these next to each other. The covered bridge Bill just finished.
This is a quilted wall hanging I made several years ago. They were both made from the same pattern. Makes me want to make another wall hanging of something - maybe a picture from El Quelite?
The wooden bridge hanging in the living room. 
He would like to make something else, but first it is too hot even early to work in the garage and we are running out of wall space! 
Well back to the trip planning. 


Mark said...

Nice work on the wall art. Come on up here to Canada, at least it's not 100 degrees ans were pretty darn friendly.

Carol and Bill said...

We hope to get as far as Glacier Park, but then heading to South Dakota and Wyoming.

Marilyn said...

If you are too hot come to BC, it is chilly and rainy here. We are not getting a summer....boooooo hoooooo....but at least we do NOt have to use air conditioning...ever....up here in the Great North.

Carol and Bill said...

chilly and rainy doesn't sound too good either. something between cold and burning would be good.

Contessa said...

You are both very talented. Nice to see Bill's final creation. Happy trip planning.