Saturday, July 27, 2019

Plans? What Plans?

Yep, we are on the road and have already deviated from the PLANS. Today's journey
 When we were making the plans it was decided we would limit the driving day to around 150 miles. So our first stop would be as Ash Springs. Called to make sure there was a site in the RV park. Told no problem just come in when you get here. So then called RV park in Ely and made a reservation for Sunday night. Ash Springs 110 miles - Ely 24 miles...Well we are in Ely.
We left home then stopped at Denny's for breakfast. Left there about 9:30  On our way!
 Took surface streets instead of freeway to the Pilot just at the edge of town. Filled up. Gasoline just under $3.00 a gallon with the RV Plus (Good Sam/Pilot) card. 
 Heading north on the 93 we passed a huge solar farm/field. It looked like a lake at first. Just before Coyote Springs. 
 A little bit of pretty desert scenery. A lot of green for the time of year.
 Now this is really a lake. A wildlife reserve. 
 Just south of Alamo. 
 We left the US 93 just after Alamo and took the 318, seemed like a shorter route to Ely. That's a wide load, glad we had shoulder to move over on. 
 Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles of nothing. As we traveled north we were going up in altitude So it was getting a little cooler than Vegas at 110. 
 Then suddenly we were going through a big canyon. Sure glad it wasn't raining. I would imagine it would be flooded. 
 Really pretty section of highway.

 OH NO! Not what you want to see when you are towing. Miles of it. Luckily not much traffic to throws rocks up. 
 We were wondering why the trucks in front of us were slowing down. Another area in Nevada where the speed goes from 70 to 25 in a very short distance. Our new GPS warns me in orange writing when the sppeed limit is going to decrease. Then shows the speed in red if we are exceeding it. 
 Left the 318 for the 6 which took us into the Humbolt Forest and up over a pass - 7300 feet. 
Then down into Ely. We stopped at Loves for gasoline - $3.08 a gallon. Figured out that since last time we fueled up after coming home from Chloride we only got 5.30 mpg. Hope some of that was evaporation. Bill says a lot was climbing with the AC on. 
We are staying at the Valley View RV Park on US 93 just north of Ely a couple of miles. Using Good Sam it is $28 a night. Full hookups, pull throughs and wifi that works. Level spot. Only things that might be a problem is we are right next to the highway. 
 Only 80 degrees here in Ely. 
Don't know where we'll be tomorrow

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