Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The days quickly go by

 April already - where does the time go? Been busy off and on, doing some walking, though it is starting to get too hot. I have to leave the group and go home before they finish. Hopefully they will move the beginning time to earlier. 

I finished another puzzle, thought it would take longer than it did. So have already started on another that is almost finished.

Another lady joined the walking group so we went back to the Wetlands yesterday. All the art work has been taken down. I hope they continue to have things like that going on. This tree was burned and uprooted but it is already coming back to life. The green leaves on the lower left of the picture belong to that tree. Nature is wonderfu. 
Two different bushes with different colored blooms. More and more color showing up over there., 
Saw him but couldn't get a clear shot of him. Then he took off. That was about the most exciting part of the walk - did 7600 steps out there. 
Went out last night to get a picture of the sunset and happened to look at the ocotillo. IT IS COVERED IN LEAVES! Last time I looked a couple of days ago it just has two leaves and the blooms on the ends. Wow. 
And our poor little plant the gardener cut way back is starting to show signs of life. It is hard to see but it has a whole new branch The red stalk and leaves. Also a few sprouts on other dead looking branches. Spring is coming. 
Speaking of spring for the next few days it thinks it is summer, today is going to be 90 as are a few of the following days. Then another cool down, thank heavens. We are also having heavy winds again. Our wooden awnings are banging around. Can't wait until next Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Last night's sunset, not spectacular but nice. 
Been busy today - all that house work kind of stuff. Cleaning floors, laundry, sewing etc. Had to reschedule a doctors appointment, they called yesterday and cancelled it. Next I could get is in May. Grrr! Hate when they do that. And so ends another day. 

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Contessa said...

Isn't it great how nature comes back.