Thursday, May 4, 2017

Even hotter today.

Another day of mid 90's - tomorrow 100 is predicted. A for sure inside day, except to give plants more water than the timed sprinklers will give them
No walking for a couple of days either - though yesterday for the first time in a long time I got in over 10,000 steps. Took a longer than usual walk in the morning. 
By Sunday our weather is taking a drastic change highs of 75 - maybe even lower. Staying in the 70's all next week. Good for the plants. 
When we were at the nursery buying the plants I was thinking - we're buying way too many, we don't need that many. Well now that they are planted - we need more! But not right now. Had to dig a deeper hole for the Palo Verde tree.
 Bills Jasmine - right out the kitchen window. Smells good. 
 The three shrubs that go between one of "the pine trees" and the shed.
 Looking from the back corner - some lantanas around the patio and the shrubs. 
 My ocotillo and a cactus right outside my sewing room window. Love it. 
 The plants for the dumb yard behind our front door looking towards the wetlands. The area just needed something. 
 Another look at the ocotillo - it has misters up at the top - suggested by the landscaper at the nursery. It has flowers but no leaves. Can't wait until next year when it gets leaves. 
 See Willie back there? Once these bushes grow no one will be able to see Willie. 
 Just another of the lantanas around the patio. Bill wants to get some roses too for there.
Looking at the tree and my favorite bush that has the orange flowers that bloom all summer. Also some brake lights with red spiky flowers and a couple of light gray gopher plants. 
So today we had to go get some mothballs to keep the bunnies away - hope it works and that they don't stink so we can smell them. Also had to get another hose for the front and a couple of nozzles. Once the plants take and are happy the automatic sprinkler system will be enough for them. 
Leftovers for dinner tonight. Bill cooked chicken cutlets with mushrooms and onions last night. Excellent! 
No work on the window for a couple of days - even too hot in garage first thing in the a.m. 


Janet said...

The finishing touch! Looks great. Today our first warm day, almost 70! Still very cold at night, don't think winter is going to let Spring arrive. Looks like you and Bill are keeping busy,

Carol and Bill said...

email me - how is Ron. Today it is going to be 100 - tomorrow 75!

Contessa said...

Congrats on the 10K, been a very long tome for me also. Love your new plants and flowers. My favorite is the Jasmine. I have planted a few over the years but they never lasted. Good luck with yours.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Don't complain about the heat!! Wish it would stop raining here!