Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Oh! Oh! We shouldn't have done that.

So here I am back again. Summer came to Vegas overnight! The rest of the week is supposed to be in HIGH 90's maybe triple digits! BUT by Sunday it is supposed to be back down to 78 with more wind.
At least it is a DRY heat.
DescriptionHigh / LowPrecipWindHumidity
Today MAY 2
Sunny92°70°0%N 5 mph 11%
Wed MAY 3
Sunny93°70°0%NE 13 mph 13%
Thu MAY 4
Sunny97°72°0%ENE 6 mph 9%
Fri MAY 5
Mostly Sunny100°72°0%S 18 mph 11%
Sat MAY 6
Partly Cloudy/Wind92°62°0%S 24 mph 12%
Sun  MAY 7
Mostly Sunny78°57°0%S 19 mph 18%
Mon MAY 8
Mostly Sunny75°60°0%SE 8 mph 22%
I wrote about the big Oriental lady I have been working on for a quilt center. Here are a few of the quilt blocks that will go with it. If I ever get the center piece done and figure out a way to arrange it. When I first got my embroidery machine I did all of these. Then made the blocks while in Indiana. The problem is - I don't know where I'd put the finished quilt. Don't have a guest room anymore. 
 Bill has built an airport out in the garage. Many more things in there and we'll have to rent a storage place for the car. 
Yesterday the parks gardeners/handymen came by after their work hours and installed an automatic sprinkler/drip system all around the house. 
Here are some shots of our "yard" just rocks. One palm tree and three pine trees.

 This is our small yard where the front door is. Had the dead cypress cut down from here. The row of cement edging stones designate our property from the new house next door. Pretty close quarters. We never use the front door. All pretty ugly huh?
So this morning as we were sitting in Denny's having breakfast we were looking across the street at the big Star Nursery. Went over there after we ate to "just look around."
 Aren't these pretty? - Love them.
 And our looking around lead to this - one cart
 two carts - this one has a couple of the plants with the pretty orange/yellow flowers. The red spiky ones are called Brake Lights.
 three carts - an ocotillo. And not in the pictures one big Palo Verde tree. They will deliver thank goodness - so tomorrow morning we'll have some green as least as far as our curb. After I took this picture Bill came with a big Jasmine plant for the corner between the patio and the garage. The only shade we have.
 Didn't buy any of these just took their pictures as they are weird colors. 
After we got home Bill went looking for the gardeners and they said they'd be by tomorrow after work. Instant landscaping. We'll probably need a few more things, but want to see how this looks first. 
Going to post this and go read a book. To hot to work on window. 

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