Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wild winds again

Have had a couple of strange days. Busy but strange. Tuesday I took another sewing class. This one also on 3-D sewing. This is my project - it is still a work in progress. All of the flowers and leaves have to be attached, the hanging needs to be quilted and bound. But you can kind of get the idea. 
 A sideways look to see the dimension. A lot of work cutting everything out. And them forming them to give the 3-dimension look. 
Bill also went to the hobby store while I was in my class. So now he has an even more sophisticated drone. But the wind here hasn't stopped blowing for over a week so he hasn't been able to fly them.
This morning he had to go to the dentist, his very favorite thing to do. Is now on antibiotics...
After we came home I baked him a marble cake with walnuts. Mainly so I could use my new Copper Brownie Pan" as seen on TV. It worked really well. Very east to remove cake and clean up. However the pan is much smaller than it looks on TV. It is 7" by 11" so smaller than what a cake or brownie mix makes. I did put the whole cake into it though. When it was done I could not lift the divider part off until I cut lines where the divider sections are. The cake puffed up over them. 
 Also took a little longer to cook. But the end result was very good. Nice squares of cake and hardly any clean up. Will for sure use it again. As you can see we've already been munching on it. 
We've had cooler than usual weather lately, in the 70's and low 80's. Really nice. However that is over. Suddenly the wind came up about an hour ago. I think it was much worse than when we got the roof damage. Recorded gusts up in the high 50's according to the weatherman on TV - and still blowing, some power outages and trees down so far.  I did this on YouTube so hope everyone can see and hear it. Watch the car cover. Also the rug is blown up, the table cloth which had clips on it was torn off, seat cushions are flapping up and down and the trash cans there are in a protected corner are dumped. For a bit I thought we might lose our patio cover. Our poor new plants will be stripped of foliage if it doesn't stop soon. 

When this wind quits we'll have a whole new weather system here. High 90's for the whole week ahead and no wind. So I guess summer has arrived. 
Just read this post I posted a couple of years ago when Bill was in the hospital there. My wild bus ride. That was an interesting time. 


SandyM said...

Carol, Just wanted to thank you and Bill for a tip we got from your blog sometime back and only just put into place. You spoke of lining you cabinets and drawers with outdoor carpet to cut down on noise - thought it was a good idea and now that we have done it know that it is a wonderful idea. I had used the light weight "rubber type shelf liner" and it was soon bunched up one one end or lumpy in the middle - what a waste of time and money. Think we will be very happy with doing it your way. Thank you so much for sharing this with all we RV'ers.

Carol and Bill said...

When he first said he was going to do it, I thought??? But it really works well.