Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to all

First I want to wish all the mothers and mother to be out there a very Happy Day.
Have to tell you this - while standing in line to check out yesterday in WalMart a man two people in front of us had finished checking out. He had sever beautiful long stemmed red roses in his cart. As he started to leave he took several of them, turned around and pass them out to the women in the lines behind him with a wish of Happy Mother's Day. So today I have a lovely rose in a bud vase in the living room. Thought that was a nice gesture from him. 
Our youngest son, the one who lives here in Vegas sent his cleaning girls over on Friday to do our home. Very unexpected, got a call, "Are you home? I'm sending a couple of girts over they'll be there in an hour." Yippee! So everything is nice and clean here now. 
So far all our plants look happy and healthy, but lots of their leaves have been blown off from the constant winds.
Yesterday Bill put my window up in my bathroom window. The line right up the middle is the seam in the regular window. 
This is the area where it is. Toilet to right, shower to left. I now think I need to do something with that wall to compliment the window. It looks out of place surrounded by ugly. 
 And I am thinking about doing another window for the bathroom this one for only the left half of the big window over my tub. Or maybe make a window in two sections. Don't have any area where I could work on one to cover the whole window. I have already picked out a sunflower pattern. 
And while he was at it Bill hung another window I'd made in Indiana, it's been under the bed since we've been here. 
We put it in the computer room window, so it will cut some of the glare from the window behind Bills's monitor. Maybe it needs a companion piece?
We went to Boulder City the other day and walked around the Historic District and I took some neat pictures of the area but will save them for another day that we don't do anything. 

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Jackie McGuinness said...

Glass is fabulous. Don't feel bad, we've been here almost 5 years and i still have a stained glass from the house that still isn't hung!