Sunday, May 21, 2017

Strange building in Las Vegas.

When did things change so much? I was listening to TV this morning and a commercial for a chain restaurant came on. Guess it is the first time I really listened to it. Punch line - more or less "when you ask your friends to go to happy hour they answer 'Hell, yes."' I'd have been disciplined for even thinking Hell. Now it is in commercials. And every movie commercial seems to be more violent the the last one. Same with the TV shows, the more violence and bad behavior the longer they stay on the air. Well enough of that rant.
Las Vegas weather has arrived this week. No more wind but high temperatures. since I took this pictures they have been upgraded to Tue and Wed 100 or 100+. It was nice while it lasted. 
Spent most of yesterday watching NASCAR on TV - OH YES, #18 won the All Star race with a great move to get to 1st. While watching TV I also completed my 3-D wall hanging. Now where should I put it. A lot of work in it. 
This morning before it got too hot we went for a drive up to Red Rock Canyon to play with Bill's new drone. Took lots of videos and pictures, but when we got home discovered they were all in black and white. Glad I had my little camera along. Thus the new heading picture. I think we got the drone's camera set up right now. Will try it out later when the sun is down a little. Also had to download a new "MP4 codec" so I can watch the videos on my computer. Thank goodness for the internet. No idea what a codec is and don't care as long as the videos work now. 
On the way home from the Canyon we stopped to look at a building I'd read about but not seen. I knew more or less where it was, but there is a lot of construction in that area so I missed the right turn off. Bill made a U-turn and I was trying to figure out where to go when I looked straight ahead. There it was!
Looks like a bad dream doesn't it? Some info about it. 
"The Lou Ruvo Brain Institue began garnering attention the moment Frank Gehry unveiled his design for it. The pavilion's undulating roof is reaching as high as a seven-story building, it was assembled like a giant, contorted jigsaw puzzle: 550 interlocking stainless steel pieces, no two alike and at all sorts of angles. 
But for all of its architectural daring, Gehry's design is sensitive to
Alzheimer's patients and caregivers. They enter from the other side of the facility, Gehry's dramatic design was instrumental in promoting the dream of Ruvo, a Las Vegas Businessman and philanthropist. Rubo wanted to elevate the fight against Alzheimer's disease and dementia with research and through a patient and caregiver centered approach to treatment. But he had a hard time attracting the attention of philanthropists and scientists until Gehry designed the dramatic building to serve as an icon for brain research. "

More pictures of it. Glad we came on a Sunday when there was no traffic and Bill could stop so I could get these pictures. 

I'll post pictures of Boulder City visit and Red Rock visit in the following days. 


Contessa said...

Wow that is quite the building. Unreal actually.

Finally got caught up yet again on all your posts. Lover your new bathroom window. You sure do a great job on all of your projects.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you - kind of weird to know what that building is used for. Glad your yard guy cleaned up so much for you. take it easy with the knee.

Jackie McGuinness said...

It sure is a great building! Unfortunately we visited it on one of those crazy windy days!
Your 3D is fabulous!!!
I'm working through my stash of wool that must be at least 7 years old, bought for an entirely different project!