Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hot, hot, hot.

Hum...guess it is time to get a new header for the blog. Will have to get busy with that. Until I get something better will use this one of this morning's sunrise over the wetlands. 
Up bright and early this morning. Wanted to take a walk before the temperatures got high. Did a couple of miles. And Bill even went with me for part of the way. 
Then while waiting for the plants to be delivered I finished soldering the back side of my window. Still have to do a little bit of touch up and cleaning it up and smoothing out some globs of solder where my hand shook and I made a mess. Getting really hard to do the soldering. So if not too hot in the garage tomorrow morning I'll do that then turn it face up and clean up the front.
Sent one guy to deliver the plants. No wonder he just "drops them at the curb."
And here they are at the curb.
Bill and I kind of moved them and put them more or less where we want them. Left the big tree and the ocotillo sitting there.
Bill wanted these between the tree and the garage to have more privacy in the back yard. 
I happened to look out back and A not so cute BUNNY was EATING one of the plants already - they're still in the pots!. Before it even got planted. Need to get some moth balls to put around them. Some of the little plants the bunny was munching on. 
The gardeners are here now starting to plant the plants, they were a little surprised about how many we bought, and especially about the big tree. Digging here in the Vegas dirt is a bit like trying to dig through concrete. I sure hope the stuff lives, the nursery does have a year replacement for things that die. 
Made beef stroganoff for dinner the other night. Forgot how good it could be. Trying to make a few different things once in a while, before I completely forget how to cook. Tonight will be a shared project. Bill will do the chicken and I'll do the rest of the stuff. 

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