Monday, May 29, 2017

The Weekend

Spent the long weekend doing not much of anything. Mentioned I made more bread. Got to love these copper chef pans. The bread lifted right out and I just had to wipe the pan with a paper towel to clean it. 
Sunday I spent most of the day watching racing. Monaco, Indy and NASCAR in Charlotte. My favorite driver lost the Charlotte race by 1.5 seconds behind the leader who he was catching quickly. 
This morning we went to the grocery store with 11 things on the list, but managed to spend $181!!!! Bought another one of the pans pictured above to keep in the RV. And some meet to freeze and take with us on our trip.  Came home and vacuumed packed them. The Food Saver was one of our best buys over 15 years ago. Got it at an RV show. 
Another warm day so stayed pretty much inside. I've traced most of the pattern pieces for my new window on to the glass. I might do some separating the pieces here inside, but that is about all I can do. Don't need tiny pieces glass in the carpet. 
Sharing a picture of five of our great grandbabies. The are the children of our son John's children. Wish they'd had a chance to meet him. 
And that's it for today. Tomorrow maybe we'll take a load to the RV, I've got my "get ready to go" list out and have done a couple of things to get ready.

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