Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My window is finished.

Well my window is finished, just did the last polishing. Just has to be hung. Because it is laying on a tan background it doesn't look as good as it will installed. 
Now that it is done I want to start on another one. So fun to do.
We have managed to get the camera on the drone set to take MP4 files instead of MOV files. So it will be interesting to see how that works for editing and adding them to the blog. 
I always joke with Bill that some of the intersection here in Vegas - where there are 12 lanes of traffic on all sides - would probably be bigger than the whole town of Nashville, Indiana where we lived. Pulled this picture off their web site today. I was almost right. That is the WHOLE town. We lived in the hills way off to the upper left side of picture. 
This is Desert Inn and Boulder Highway
Nothing else going on here right now. 


Barb said...

Did you ever get your house sold?

SandyM said...

The window is lovely - really like the colors you used. You are a very talented lady.
Have you seen any pictures of the torn up streets in Mazatlan Centro? Will be beautiful when finished.

SandyM said...

That should be "the streets will be beautiful when finished" 🙂🙂🙂

Carol and Bill said...

it is no longer our problem

Carol and Bill said...

I've seen the streets - hope it is all done by the fall. What a mess for getting around.

norm said...

The Center left of the Nashville IN photo is where I had an "Old Tyme" photo shop in 1981-2.
Fun times.