Friday, May 26, 2017

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

It cooled down some today - only got to 99! But we still have the winds. 
Another neighbor is getting a new roof from the storms last month. The whole neighborhood is getting spiffed up. Now if they would just landscape the two new homes. The rock for the yards is sitting in a pile in a driveway - been there for a month. We have another inspection coming up in July - wonder what they will find this time?
Had to go out to the hobby shop clear on the other side of town to pick up one of Bill's planes that had defective landing gear. Under warranty still. Other than that did nothing today. On Tuesday I took my sewing machine in for servicing and to repair the lights on it. Hard to sew without good light. It will take about three weeks. 
Last week on one of the perfect desert days when the wind wasn't blowing we took the newest drone up to Red Rock Canyon to fly it. Luckily I also brought my little camera - got some pretty pictures. 
Blue sky and good light. The canyon is directly across town from where we live. We live on the eastern edge and Red Rock is on the western side. Driving up Charleston on our way there. 
Just before the entrance to the park is another radio control airfield. We stopped to look at it. A couple of unfriendly guys were flying their planes. Guess it must be on private land. 
Just getting ready to go into the park. We can use our Golden Age pass for admittance. That has sure saved up a lot of money over the years. 
 We drove past a couple of the really busy parking lots and overlooks until we found a place away from everyone else. Bill got his drone out and set it up. I on the other hand snapped some pictures. The rocks are really red out here. 
 This is one of the reasons I love the desert. How do those plants manage to grow in such an unfriendly environment. 
 There was a big fire here several years ago, can still see the plants that died. 
 And the new growth. There were lots of bunches of yellow flowers scattered around.
 Just to the east of this picture are a lot of hiking and climbing trails. 
 There is the drone - the tiny white spot. It is hard to keep track of, kind of blends into the sky. When it is up there you can't hear it either. 
 Just more pictures because I like the scenery. 
 The drone coming in for a landing. Had to watch out for cars. Every once in a while one would take the long way out by us. 
 Bill flying. No one around us. 
A guy pulled up on the road and asked, "Is that your drone?"  Bill said yes. Well the guy proceeded to tell us that flying the drone over BLM land was not legal. And that we could get a heavy Federal fine if a ranger came by. Why is it illegal? Because the noise MIGHT disturb the desert creatures. Most of Nevada is BLM land!!!  So here it is coming in for a landing. 
 Then we just finished driving the scenic loop with me taking pictures out of the window of the scenery. 
 Beautiful bluer sky with some puffy white clouds. 
 Other colored rocks and bushes. 

 On the way home I caught this utility box. 
A very nice day outside, before it got so warm. 
I've been working on making reservations for our upcoming trip. First time ever we've made reservations for a whole trip. We
will be on the road for 26 days. Hopefully seeing some pretty country where we can play with the drone. And I can get some nice pictures. 
The community where we live has finally set up a way to pay our land rent on line. Up to now I've had to either call or hope someone would answer an e-mail so I could pay. The rent fluctuates monthly due to water [one bill for the whole park - divided up] and trash bills. So we'll see how it works. 


SandyM said...

Beautiful Red Rock pictures - I can see faces in some of the Red Rock.

Carol and Bill said...

It is such a pretty place to go.