Thursday, June 1, 2017

Leaving Las Vegas

We'll be leaving here tomorrow morning for about a month. Looking for cooler weather. We might or might not find that but we'll have fun anyway. Going to see some new for us anyway roads and parks. Also going to a couple of our favorite places.
If we follow our plans it will be about a 1300 mile trip.
In one little town we'll be staying in there is going to be a hot air balloon festival while we are there.
Should be fun. First time ever I've made reservations for the whole trip. See how that works out. But if we find we really like a place we can always go back there.
Have the RV mostly loaded, all the laundry done and the house cleaned. Went out to dinner, just got back and Bill is hooking the car. Will finish with the refrigerator and freezer tomorrow morning. The old body is complaining - put out 8000 steps just in and out of RV and cleaning. Sometimes it surprises me when I sit down and the legs don't want to get back up.
Getting gas in KIngman - 30 cents a gallon cheaper than here in Vegas, then on to Williams for a few days. Maybe stop in Seligman for a bit. Got new batteries for my camera so can take lots of pictures.
That's it for today.


Mark said...

Very much looking forward to seeing the pics and reading the stories. Safe travels my friends....

Jackie McGuinness said...

Safe travels! We have a cross Canada trip planned end of June, just working it out now.
We'll come back through the States even though I hate the exchange rate at the moment.

SandyM said...

Looks like a wonderful trip and such good planning. Traveling mercies from the moment you start to the moment you get back to your home in Vegas. Looking forward to awesome photos and thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

thanks, getting off to a rough start.

Carol and Bill said...

too much planning - we'll see how it works out.