Monday, June 5, 2017

Last of Wild West show in Williams

We had an interesting day today - not what we expected.
Here is the last clip from the Wild West show. Had to splice them together.

I had mentioned that we booked the train ride to the Grand Canyon. Well we ended up canceling it. The altitude really bothers Bill and we decided it wouldn't be very fun if we got to the Canyon and he didn't feel good enough to enjoy it and then we'd be stuck waiting for the train back. I'm sure glad we didn't take it. Instead we drove up to Grand Canyon today. About half way there I started to feel ill. Stopped at a McDonalds to use the facilities and on we went. Finally found parking and walked to the Visitor Center - all I saw there were the bathrooms! After several visits we gave up and headed home. Glad we had the car and could leave when we did. Got home and slept all afternoon. Now I feel fine...
Just went to the grocery store and had fast food. Oh well, another time. 
Some more pictures I took on our outing Saturday. Next to the Air Museum was a Fred Flintstone village, cafe and RV park. 
 Inside the cafe - leading towards the town. 
 We didn't go to the town. But it looked cute. 
 Leaving there we saw some old cars so had to stop and look at them. Really nice. 

 And as we left them I saw these off in the distance - wonder if they were for rent? 
We've also made changes to our itinerary - won't be going to Mesa Verde, Colorado - too high at 8000 feet. Now I have to replan a few days. 

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