Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fun day in Williams

Our first full day in Williams started with our little heater running. Got cold here during the night. 6,750 feet high. Beats 104 in Vegas. We both got a great nights sleep on our new mattress. What an improvement.
Our space here in the Canyon Motel and RV Park. Gravel but level and good sized.
 Part of the motel here in the park. 
 This too can be rented 
 Some old fire trucks.
 I like the looks of this one from the front . 
 Pretty area.
 Hum...I think I see one of the Old Farts at play. 
 We got out early this a.m. and headed into town to the Visitor Center. Made reservations for the train for Monday. Then crossed the street to have breakfast in the Pine Country. Good meal, good service.
 After breakfast we took a drive to Valle about 25 miles away to the Planes of Fame Air Museum. Kind of interesting. Will write about it another day. 
Heading into town for the evening, the train we'll be taking on Monday. 
 We had dinner at the same restaurant - not good for dinner. Surly waitress and not so great food. Too bad. Then walked around town for a bit. A couple of horse and buggies for the tourists.
 I remember a couple of these pumps. Dating myself. 
 My dad had one of these on his old Packard.
 One of the shops had a couple of displays of old town. Even with people and old cars. 
 Check out the theater, A couple of nuns going in. Woolworths next door. A lot of work went into this. 
 Another display of a drive in full of people and old cars. Even a phone booth and telephone poles. 

 As we walked around we saw these cowboys. So watched them for a bit. We were right at the area that they were going to put on a Wild West show. 
 Show has started. He is one of comedy relief. 
 Bad guys.

 Asking us if we were tourists. 
 If you are ever here try to see this. It is really entertaining - like they said it is for free so you get what you paid for. Very funny. So glad we saw it. 

 Williams at night. A lot of neon. Lots of music and people walking around. 
 We had a good day all day. Weather was perfect.

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