Friday, June 9, 2017

Monument Valley Through Bill's Eyes

You can never get too many pictures of Monument Valley. We brought the extra camera with us this time so all the pictures in this blog are ones Bill took. The first were sunrise. The last ones were sunset last night. There was a full moon but unfortunately it never came out from behind the clouds.
Stopped on the road leading into the Park. Sun is just starting to color the sky.
 Same area wider shot.
Up at the hotel - a good place to view the sunrise. The sun is coming up right behind the middle monument. 
 I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Just starting to light up the valley floor. The lighter trail is the loop road going through the valley.
 Coming up higher.

 The rocks right by the View Hotel - Sun is hitting the top of them. 

 More and more of the red lighting up
 He is watching the sunrise too. 

 After the sun came up and the crowds started to show up we headed up to the Goulding's Lodge to look around. The big rock behind it.
 Looking back down over the valley. 
Monument Valley is famous not only for its beauty but for all the movies that were made there. More than 16. This is the cabin John Wayne used in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon. His first major movie Stagecoach also was filmed here. 
 Looking in through a stagecoach door and out one of the windows. 
 Another look down over the valley. 
We took a ride during the afternoon - I took pictures then but will use them the next post.
We returned to the hotel area to watch sunset. Again Bill's pictures.
This is looking toward the east - the colors just barely reached this way. 

 Looking towards the west into the setting sun. Starting to get some colors. Too bad the light poles in the parking lot are so high.

 It is weird how the angle of the camera changes the look of the colors. 


 We hung around until dark hoping to see the full moon come out from behind the clouds. But instead we saw a...UFO??? 
No it is just the moon but the camera moved while taking the shot. 
Such a beautiful place. The colors lasted until well after 9:00.
Bill has not had a chance to fly his drone. The wind has been really blowing ever since we've been here. Also all the park is posted NO DRONES. But there is a lot of empty desert. 

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