Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trip to Canyonlands National Park

I have so many pictures that I'm having a hard time going through them. And then we go out and I take more pictures...
I came across a statistic this morning that always comes up when we tell people we are going to spend a few months in the winter in Mexico. They always ask, "Aren't you afraid to go there." No we aren't and this is one of the reasons. This is from the Las Vegas, NV newspaper and it ONLY includes MPD. Not Henderson or North Las Vegas. The quote - "The deaths are the 101st and 102nd homicides investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department in 2017."
Here we are getting ready to head out again. We are in a Passport America park so we get the 1/2 price fee, but we also are getting a discount because we are parked next to a single wide with its propane tank next to us. No problem. Looking out the other side of the RV we see the green trees and red mountains.
Finally got a picture of the Welcome to Moab sign.
Heading north there is this mural on a wall - nasty looking spider. I guess advertising one of the trails. Also left the gas station sign in photo - cheapest gasoline in town.
We stopped at the Jailhouse Café for breakfast. One of their specialties is Bill's favorite Swedish Pancakes. Crepes with butter and lingonberries. The back of the restaurants menu. Guess my hand shook, but still readable. 
The one part of the exterior of the restaurant.
We took a side road, Potash Road, that runs along the Colorado River. The La Sal Mountains in the background. 
Pretty with the green trees and the red cliffs reflecting in the water. 
Stopped to take a picture of the information. This is looking southeast. Or east - south.
Maybe these will be arches some time way in the future. 
I am fascinated by all the folds and crevices in the rocks. This reminds me of material rolled and folded. Bill says I have a weird imagination. 
 More carved rock. 
 At the end of the paved section of Potash Road we saw a gravel road so thought we'd take it for a bit. The guy in front of us seemed to know where he was going. 
 Him maybe not a good idea to follow him, getting a little less "maintained."
 Some slick rock starting to show up. That is Canyonlands way in front of us. 

 Wonder when this guy will fall off of his perch. 
 Like a kid dumped his building blocks. 
Heading back towards the main road. More of the river. 
 Jug Arch - Didn't see it going up the road.
 The river is really high. There's an island in the middle. 
 We missed the Indian writing and the dinosaur tracks - need to go back. These rocks are used by climbers all the time. Crazy climbers. 
 A trip into Canyonlands. Thank goodness for the Golden Age Pass - Another $25 saved. 
 One of the many overlooks.
 Mark - see the road way down there. It is 100 miles and takes two days. 
Sure can see a long long way. Unless there is a fence I can only take pictures from a long way back from the edge. 
Going to stop here and post this. Will work on more photos tonight. Have lots more to share. 
The wind has finally stopped and the temperatures have gone up. Pretty much spend the afternoons in the AC.


Mark said...

Hey guy's,
Nice pics Carol, I wish I was there. It would be great to go down that road to see what is there, and where it goes. I could not agree with you more regarding safety in Mexico. I never felt uneasy when I was there at all. Safe traveling my friends. Talk soon.

Carol and Bill said...

Every time I see an ATV rush by I think of you. But remember it will be HOT and maybe raining in July.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these pictures Carol we live in such a beautiful country I have so many places to see that I will probably only see your pictures so I sure appreciate the ones you post

John Boisvenue said...

Great pics. Reading about MOAB still reminds me of the ATV trip we took up and down the side of mountains etc. Did not realize at the time, what a Hummer can do on these mountains. Still gives me the shivers, however we got though it. Emjoying reading about Utah and your trip.