Monday, June 12, 2017

We blew into Moab, Utah around noon.

BOY HOWDY! When I say we blew into Moab I mean we BLEW into here. There is a wind advisory until tonight. The drive was only 98 miles but I think with all the corrections for the wind blowing us all over we did about 150 miles. Bill says his arms are tired. When we got to the RV park I had to put rocks in my pockets to make it from the RV to the office. Almost not kidding. One gust blew me  backwards. 
The dust is so thick sometimes we can't see 50 feet. But anyway we are here and here we'll stay for a week. There is a big 5th wheel next to us that is protecting us from all the wind, but we are still rocking. We are staying at the OK RV park south of town. Not fancy but full hook ups and good WiFi and our satellite TV works. Only $20 a night which is cheap for Moab.
But back to Bluff...We took the Historic Loop through town - about three blocks long. 
 Don't know if it is really old or just looks old. 
 Once the people started to move away from the fort to form a town they started to build Victorian style homes of the local sandstone. Some are quite elaborate.
 We found the road leading up to the cemetery. You can see some of the stones in the lower right corner of foto. 
 This is called locomotive rock, because it kinds of looks like one.
 Looking down at the Twin Rock Cafe.
 A Memorial, but the writing is too faded to read 
 The historic cemetery on top of a wind swept hill  above town. It is the final resting place of many of the pioneers who helped settle the area. 
 Several stones for children. 
A large fenced site with a central monument and then one for each person. 
 Just an old tree. Wonder what it has experienced over the years.
 Another of the old sandstone homes. 
A free lending library and reading bench along one of the streets.  
 A metal sculpture of a human female form holding an old milk can. 
 Another house. Sure are pretty. I wonder how the sandstone holds up in the wind and weather. They all seem to be fine. 
 Kind of looks like a thumb sticking up there.
 Then we took a ride to Sand Island an area along the San Juan River. Camping areas and a boat ramp. The river was high and really fast moving. 
 If you fell in you wouldn't be able to get out without help I don't think. 
 I thought this was pretty interesting. How much water and how fast the river flows. CFS = Cubic Feet per Second. Check out 6/6. We were there 6/10
 Then we went looking for the Petroglyphs. 
 So many - hard to spot at first because of angle of sun, but once I saw one I saw dozens. The pictures took weird. Makes it look like the dark red rock was blue...?

 There is a big chain link fence protecting them. Good idea as they were being defaced as late as 1963 - what is the matter with some people?

We didn't get out to San Juan Hill where you can still see wagon ruts or the River Ruins. We started out but the road we were supposed to go down, named Comb Wash Rd, was more wash than road. Maybe next time. Wouldn't mind staying there again IF the wind wasn't blowing. 
Watched the race and a soccer game Sunday - out of the blowing dust. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

WE spent a night there a few years ago at the Desert Rose (I think that was the name) so I have some of the same photos!

Carol and Bill said...

You guys have seen more of the U S than I'll ever see. Can't imagine why you stopped in Bluff.