Friday, June 16, 2017

More pictures from Canyonlands and Moab

While we were still home I discovered an app for our phone. Yes, I do know what apps are. The company is Gypsy Guide. I bought - for $5.99  - narrated driving tours of Arches and Canyonlands. Well worth the price. You don't have to be on line once downloaded. It tracks your phone by GPS and describes all interesting sights. Also lots of background info on the parks. Really enjoying it. Click here to check it out. Several different parks in the U.S.
We headed up to the National Parks here to enjoy the views. So glad we have the Golden Age Pass - $25 every time we go into a park if we didn't. Saved $80 in the last couple days.
Looking over the countryside from one of the pull outs heading into Canyonlands.
 Walking out to the Green River Overlook. 
 Way down there is the Green River. 

 Check out the road way down there following the Green River. 
 Mark, this is for you. Quite a road. 

 A closer look at the River.
This is as close as I'll get to an edge, and my knees were knocking already.  
 Just some pretty rock landscape.
 Panorama of Green River Overlook. 
 I like the dead trees, have lots and lots of pictures of them. No I'm not going to post all of them.
 Another overlook on the east side of the road. The La Sal Mountains 35 miles in the far background.
 Can you imagine the first people to see this. According to the app in the 1800's there were herds of cattle around here. But they grazed the area too much and the grasses have never grown back as lush as they were. 
 Just some pictures.

 Willie enjoying the scenery - I lied about not posting any more trees. 
 One of the things the app described was the geology and all the layers of rock.
 Oops another tree. Snow on the mountains.

 River way down there.
 More trees. Wish I could take one home. 
 The wood is very colorful and so smooth.
So I am still behind a few days. Will try to catch up before we leave here on Monday. 


Mark said...

That road would be awesome to ride in a side by side or an atv ZOOM ZOOM..
Your photos are spectacular, I am enjoying them very much.
Stay safe and keep Supervisor Bill safe as well.

Carol and Bill said...

He finally got his drone up in the air today so he is happy.

Barb said...

I love taking photos of dead trees too! They have so much character!