Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All American Highway Utah 12

We are now in Escalante, Utah. We cut our time in Hanksville [just too hot to do anything around there] and were able to get into the Canyons of Escalante RV Park a day early. It was only a 111 mile drive but took around  3 1/2 hours. Part of the time was spent stopped at road construction. We took SR 24 to the turn off to SR 21 - the All American Road. Yes, it was a very curvy drive.
Leaving Hanksville the ground was flat with lots of trees and grazing land. Some white and red hills in the background. Lots of hay and cattle. 
 Then the landscape started changing. Not so much green. Meaner looking hills.
 Kind of what I think the moon must look like. 
 And then the hills turned yellow - yep yellow. 
 Then back to moonscape. 
 Yellow again. Really changing all the time.
 A small ranch in the middle of no where. Lots of rivers and streams along here. 
 Gray and red lumps.
 Ever changing looks.
Passing through Capitol Reef  National Park. Didn't stop.
 This was a really weird part. 
 Then back into the red and white stripped hills. There was a stream along the side of the road. 

 Back into dark red rocks. All the time climbing higher. 
 A little bit of every color here.
 Then we were into forest. And it was free range for cattle. Strange to see big black cows grazing in the trees. Notice the clouds. 
 Red trunk trees. 
 An overlook. Don't know how far we could see but it was a LONG way.
 Some of the black cattle. I wonder how hard it is to round them up. 
 White trunk trees - aspens ?
 Finally made the top 9600 feet.
 More overlooks. 
 Getting into Grand Staircase-Escalante 
The road continued to pass through amazing scenery. More on it tomorrow. We are going to be here until Friday. Temperatures continue to be in the high 90s low 100s. Ugh. Have to get an early start if we plan to do any thing. Did get a few, very few, sprinkles late afternoon. 

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