Saturday, June 17, 2017

Two different roads along the Colorado River

Well the wind has stopped, just a stiff breeze coming up for the afternoon but the temperature has really gone up. Around 100. About mid-afternoon yesterday Bill went out to the car to bring in one of his drones. Inside the case the drone was so hot it felt like it had been in the oven. So everything came inside the RV. The AC started up about 9 a.m. and ran until about 9 p.m. Even the dishes in the cupboard were warm to the touch. It stayed nice in the RV thank goodness. While it was in the dealer we had some film put on the window next to the dinette. We were going to put an awning over that window  but were told that was not a good idea - too much weight for the side of the RV  [flimsy maybe?] So we were told about a new film for the window that would help keep the heat out. Worth a try. Much to my surprise it is really working  I can sit here without cooking even with the sun coming in the window. 
Well, crap, Kyle wrecked the first lap of the Xfinity race! Oh well. And my Nook quit working - it is only 3 months old. I was reading a book and it suddenly shut off. Screen tells me "Nook is off, Push power button." Pushed button - nothing. Thought maybe the battery had run down so charged it. Still won't turn on. Luckily I can read my books on the laptop. But only three months...That is not good. 
We have  been to the Moab Diner here for breakfast a couple of times. If you are ever here I recommend it. Prices as low, food is plentiful and good. The next three pictures are of the table tops in the diner. They are ads for different off road companies and are replaced monthly. Kind of like the wraps for cars. What a good idea. The companies pay for the advertisement. 
It is amazing the amount of Jeeps driving around town. At least one out of every three cars is a Jeep. Lots of Rubicons.
Don't tell him I said so but kind of makes Willie look like a wanta be. And a lot of them are driven by buff gray haired people. 
After breakfast we took the highway that runs west along the Colorado River. We're on the other side of the river than the other day. The reflections on the river were great. We are headed west, I think. Could be south or southwest. 

Lots of arches in the making. And lots of little campgrounds along the river. 
Looking across the river.

Those are the tall cliffs on the other side of the river that climbers use a lot. 
On our side of the river Someone has built a home? into the wall. 
And there were four or five of these tunnels in the wall. They look man made to me. No idea why. 

Just another reflection.
Coming back through town - one of the few murals here. It is a two part one at the entrance to a campground.  The front part.
The bigger part on the side. 
We went on back to the RV and hid from the heat the rest of Thursday.
And here we go Friday morning on the road on the other side of the main highway out along the river again. There is a bicycle path between the road and the river. 
Again the river looks very calm. So lots of reflections again. 
A few small rapids coming around a bend. 
Too bad the color isn't good in this picture. They were really red.
Doesn't this look like a sleeping or dead animal.
Enjoying the river. Looks like fun.
Way out in the distance.

Lots of snow still on the La Sal  Mountains. Peaks reach up to just over 12,000 feet. They were named because when the Spanish first saw them in the middle of a hot summer they thought there were salt deposits on the tops. It was too hot for it to be snow they decided.
Looking out over the view. There are gravel and dirt 4 x 4 trails all over the area. 
More rafters. That is the Red Cliffs Lodge behind them. Actually I think it is the restaurant. Slowly floating down the calm river.
One person is swimming - or fell out of the raft...
Sorry but this doesn't look fun any more. Whole flock of them.
The only speed boat we have seen on the river. 
"I want to be an arch." Okay in a few more thousand years. 
Again spent the afternoon and evening inside the RV. Just don't like the heat. Even Bill is finally too warm. 
We were going to watch the sunset tonight but the sky is completely clouded over. And still 97 out.


Janet said...

Great pictures, what a beautiful area. Well worth a visit. It was 42F this morning at 8 AM! No need for air conditioning!

Carol and Bill said...

wish I could send you 20 degrees from here.

SandyM said...

Enjoyed your great pictures - makes me want to visit that area again. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Carol and Bill said...

You're welcome - so much beautiful areas, so many pictures - way too many to put in blogs.