Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunset in Arches National Park

Hope you enjoy this. We drove up to Arches to watch the sunset. The first couple of photos are as we are driving towards the Window Arches area. The setting sun lighting up the red cliffs. The dark mountains in the back ground. The shadows on the rocks. 
We could see towards the west where the sun was setting. Very different colors depending on which way I was looking. 
Some of the pictures are from the Garden of Eden. Then we headed back towards the beginning of the park to the Park Avenue view point. The one rock that looks like the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.
Then the light changing both looking east over the plains and west through the Park. I added music to it. 

We left Moab this morning around 8:00. Filled the car tank yesterday and the RV this morning. $2.68 a gallon. Cheapest we'll see for a while. Drove 109 miles and arrived in Hanksville, UT about 10.
We are staying at the Dukes Grill and RV Park, but more about it tomorrow.
Have Internet but it is kind of slow.

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