Sunday, June 18, 2017

Flight of the Drone

Happy Father's Day to Bill and our sons who are not only fathers but grandfathers. 
Saturday morning before it got too hot and before the wind picked up we drove out along the Colorado River again. River on one side red cliffs on the other. 
Finally found a place to fly the drone. All went well.
And finally got a video to play. Not much on it. Just us moving around and pointing. The drone getting up far enough to see the River and turning around looking at the scenery. 

There he is way up there. 
Me looking around at the campground next to us and the red cliffs.

Across the river. The wind started picking up and the big black flies were biting the heck out of us. Can't imagine camping here. 
Coming in for a landing 
Looks like a town built up on the bluff. 
We went on home to get out of the heat. Lots of wispy clouds in the sky along with the wind. 
Around 7:30 we decided to take a sunset ride in Arches National Park. Of course I have zillions of pictures will post some today and the rest tomorrow. 
Looking out across the petrified sand dunes to the La Sal Mountains with the setting sun shining on them. First time they've looked green. 
 The Three Gossips. A little bit of color showing up in the sky.
 Sun on the rocks really brings out the red. Looking east
 Looking west. Heading towards Windows Arches. 
 An arch up in the distance.
 Maybe I'll make a slide show with music, scenery sure deserves it. 
 The Window Arches - so pretty with the setting sun lighting them up.
 Just red rocks and sunlight.

  Looking towards the setting sun. More color in sky. 
 Shifting shadows 

 See the little bit of arch. 
 Sunlight and shadows and more arches in the making. 
We didn't leave the park until around 10:00 - got some beautiful pictures. But will save them for tomorrow as we didn't do anything today except get gas and go to the grocery store. And watch a soccer game and a race. Over 100 here today. Tomorrow we leave.

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