Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sunrise Monument Valley

About 5:30 this morning Bill turned on the lights and told me to get up and get ready to go. He didn't have to say it twice. In a flash we were out the door and in the car heading towards the park. The first couple of photos I took on the road as we headed to the view point by the hotel.
Then pictures from that view point. In one you can see a tour truck full of people heading out to watch the sunrise. Took lots of pictures but I think these were the best. I especially like thee one of Bill reflected in the door.
As we were leaving the area a small herd of horses wandered across the street in front of us. They were in no hurry.
Then we went up to the Gouldings lodge area. An area used in many of John Ford's movies staring John Wayne.
Then on home for COFFEE! Not sure what we'll do with rest of day - nap maybe...
Probably will post again later.

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