Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Panguitch, Utah Saturday night Balloon Glow

First things first - yesterday, Monday, was a long day. We left Panguitch at 7:30 a.m. and didn't stop until we got home - all 246 miles. Bill has been spoiled with our under 100 mile jaunts lately. But yesterday the drive seemed to go fast. Guess 'cause it was mostly all freeway.
Nice to be home. Got the RV unloaded, everything put away and the laundry done. Also arranged for our mail to be delivered and ordered our prescriptions to be picked up today. Had a nice shower and a big glass of wine.
Our proposed trip - notice we were supposed to go to Alamo, NV #11 
Our actual trip. Straight home to Las Vegas from Panguitch, UT. It was just too hot.
Up early this a.m. RV is back in storage until 7/11 when he goes back to dealer to get backup camera/nav system fixed. It only works when we are plugged in to electricity. We'd need a
REALLY LONG cord for traveling. 

Oh by the way - it has really cooled off here in Vegas from last weeks 118+ to todays 107. It really does make a difference. 
Now to catch up on the rest of the balloon rally.
Saturday night we went into town to watch the Balloon Glow which was supposed to look like this [stolen from Internet]
Because of wind and the fact the glow was taking place on the main street in town we did not get to see the balloons lit up. Instead we saw the propane going off. The main street. On of the baskets on its side which led us to believe the balloons were going to be inflated. Lots of people downtown lining the streets. 
 We were standing on the main corner of town when suddenly the burner went off behind us. About 40 feet behind us and we could feel the heat and hear the roar from it. 
 There were three different band playing along the street. This was on the main corners. Lots of big families and couple walking around and enjoying themselves. 
Another flame lighting up. You can see the flames down the street - about 5 of them. It was enjoyable to just watch this, but sure wish the balloons could have been used. Everyone had their balloons with them, but they never came out of their bags. Afraid the wind would push them into the buildings etc. 
So here is a short video from the main corners. 

We walked down to the next corner to listen to the bank there. The best of the three in my opinion, but maybe because I knew the country music they were playing. Several people were dancing in the street to their music. There should have been a balloon right in front of them. 
Didn't take many pictures - too hard to get the camera to focus.
But did take a lot of videos, some turned out some didn't.  But here is a collection of a few of them. One thing I just barely caught is at the very end of the video - the flame dancing with the music. 

I'm glad we went, enjoyable evening out. Something we'll probably never see again. 
Sunday we pretty much stayed in, the wind had shifted and there was a lot of smoke around us. Between that and the altitude - it wasn't a nice day. Though did watch a soccer game and of course the NASCAR race. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Nice and cool up here at 9,100 feet in Frisco, Colorado! Highs have been in lower 70s and lows in 40s, so I am finally comfortable and can sleep easily. I just could not handle temps of 106 in Zion, so bailed out and came up here. I think you were smart to go home early. Glad it is cooling a bit there, also. Judy

Carol and Bill said...

We kept getting smoke from that fire too. Bill can't handle any altitude over 6000 feet so that limits us going up to find cooler weather.