Friday, June 2, 2017

Hello from Williams, AZ

Hello from Williams, AZ. We made it to our first stop of our June trip. Not without some aggravation though. As you probably know - the RV spent 2 months at the dealers getting small problems fixed. We got it home last week. Everything seemed fine. We finish loading this morning and got on the road by 7:00. We had gone about one mile and the navigation screen quit working. That was one of the problems it was at the dealers for. Coming home from Mexico it would work, then stop then start working again. No pattern to it. We were told it was fixed, just a loose wire. Well this time it went off and stayed off. UNTIL we parked in the campground then it started up again??? Go figure. We'll see what happens when we leave here.
The new sound wall for the bypass around Boulder City. Don't know when it will be done or open but the walls are nice. 

 Crossing into Arizona, one of the few time we crossed the bridge that the wind wasn't blowing. 
 The place in Arizona where everyone from Nevada goes to buy Power Ball Lottery tickets. Some day I hope to stop there to get some good pictures of the building. 
Bill had ordered a couple of dash cameras for this trip, one for the RV and one for the Jeep. They take micro SD cards - they didn't come with them. But we had one extra one that we took out of one of the drones when we upgraded the drone. As we were driving down the highway I took one camera out and plugged it in. Put the SD card in it. All I got was 1/2 of the screen lite and lots of wiggly lines. Fooled with it for a while, couldn't get it to work. So got out the second camera, plugged it in. Nice steady screen, asked for the SD card to be put in. As I was taking it out of the first camera I lost it. I pushed on it to release it and ZIP it was GONE! I didn't even see it go, just heard a tick as it hit the floor. Dirty words! Got a little flashlight and looked around the floor by my seat as good as I could while buckled in. Figured that when we stopped in Kingman to get gas ($2.23 a gallon) I'd get the better flashlight climb out of the RV and look for and find it. HA HA - could not find it, Bill looked he could not find it. I looked again when we got to the campground - it has disappeared into ???
So when we were stopped getting fuel I went into the store and bought another micro SD card. But did not put it in the camera - didn't even take it out of the packaging until we got parked. Still have to set up the camera. 
We were going to stop and eat in Seligman - on old Route 66, but just before we got there Bill started not feeling well. He did stop for a few minutes for me to run out and snap a couple of pics. Didn't take many cause I could tell he was feeling horrid.

 I kind of feel sorry for the little towns the Interstates bypassed. 
There were more tourists walking around and more businesses open then the other times we've been there. Some day I want to eat in the Road Kill Cafe. 
As we continued on towards Williams over the terrible rough Interstate 40 he got sicker and sicker. We made it to Williams. Of course there were no pull-throughs so he had to unhook the the car and back in. When all he wanted to do was lay down. About the only thing he said to me was, "You are going to learn to drive this thing." We're staying at a Passsport America campground here. $23 a day. Level site, good electricity, WiFi and there are some pull-throughs, just none empty. Kind of at the east edge of town. 
We did 212 miles, got here in Williams at 12:30 with a stop for fuel and another short stop to take some pics. Now we are settled in for five days. Much cooler here - in mid 80s as highs. 
Bill laid down a bit then we went out to have lunch. He is feeling much better now - just taking a quiet nap. There are several things around here that we want to do.
And that was today, going to relax and read for the rest of the day. 

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John Boisvenue said...

Have eaten at the road kill cafe. Food was good.