Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wild West Show in Williams

Another beautiful day in Williams. Going to be in the low 80's today. Made a good decision to get out of Vegas for a while. 
Spent the morning watching the NASCAR race. 
Here is a short clip from the wild west shows we watched last night. Turn your sound up - they are funny. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we drove to the tiny crossroads of Valle, about 30 miles north of Williams. I'd read about the Planes of Fame Air Museum. Sounded interesting. 
The road up there, this is also the road to Grand Canyon so lots and lots of traffic on it. 
 The entrance to the museum. 
 One of the Blue Angel planes sitting outside. They are small. 
 Lots of memorabilia in glass display cases. I'd forgotten all about these satin pillow covers. Do they still sell them?
 This doesn't look very comfortable

Interesting planes completely restored and partly restored. 

Even displays from different airlines with stewardess uniforms
Interesting name
 Some information
 about this
 This is currently under restoration. 
 Don't think I want to fly in it. 
 Wouldn't hold many people. 

There were several glass cases with information about women pilots. I wish I could have gotten some better photos, but there was just too much glare on the glass. 


There was a lot to see, especially if one was interested in aircraft. Made for a nice way to spend part of a day. 
Here is another clip of the wild west show. Don't know who wrote their script but it was funny. 

Watched the NASCAR race today. Should have read a book instead. 


Dirk Digler said...

Bill is famous! I am going to winter in Lo De Marcos this year. I googled images from there and Lo and behold...there is Bill. A few times. Though unless you follow your bog you would not know it was him... I.e.: pics from behind. So cool how well known he is. If I ever meet him I will be able to say... I met a celebrity!!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Over the years several people who read the blog have recognized Bill - probably because of his hat - and come up to talk to us. We haven't been to Lo de Marcos for a couple of years, will have to try to find the photos you saw. Too funny.