Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Arches National Park

I slept in this morning so we didn't get an early start to go to Arches National Park. [We had planned on being there when it opened at 7:00]There is road construction going on in the park so we thought we needed to get in there early to avoid the congestion. Not only was it not congested, there was no fee being charged to get in. We don't pay the fee anyway because we have the Golden Age Pass.
Today was a perfect day. Only 77 degrees and a slight breeze. We went to the Visitor information center to get info about the area. Building next to the parking lot.
Then we went for lunch at the Moab Diner. Good food, good service, good prices but very, very noisy. 
Then we drove up to Arches. No lines of cars, no dense traffic so we went on in. Such a beautiful place. 

No words needed for these pictures. 

Tomorrow we will go on a  road we haven't been on before. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Spectacular pictures, Carol!! The area looking so beautiful. And you, you get better looking every time I see you!!

Grandma on the Road said...

You have probably already left that area, but one of my favorite campgrounds is just south of Moab. It is Dead Horse Point State Park, not to be confused with Dead Horse Ranch in Arizona. Electric sites with super views and if you drive just past the campground, you will find a point with incredible views of the valley below. Actually, much more scenic than Canyonlands.

Grandma on the Road said...

Also, I got stuck in those awful winds driving on I-40 from Winslow to Flagstaff. It was very stressful because I almost got blown off the road a couple of times. I finally got off the freeway and took back roads to get there. Heading north to Grand Canyon was not so bad because it was a tail-wind instead of a side-wind.

Carol and Bill said...

Hard to take bad pictures of a beautiful place.

Carol and Bill said...

We'll be here until Monday but will stay where we are. We went through Canyonlands today but did not go to Dead Horse. Maybe another day. We were told it is the best place to watch sunrise.
Winds were bad here in Moab, lots of tree limbs down and signs blown over. Just a breeze today

John Boisvenue said...

Thanks for bringing me back to Arches National Park. There is nothing like the beauty of nature. Really enjoyed catching to the three gossips once again:)