Monday, June 26, 2017

More Balloons and Good Advice

As of today, Sunday, the Brian Head Fire, just east of Cedar City has burned over 40,000 acres. It was man started. Yesterday the wind shifted and all the smoke was over where we are, but luckily the winds were keeping the smell and ash high. By evening it shifted southeast again. Still very little containment. But it might rain tomorrow. Sure hope it does for them. 
I noticed this on the side of an RV park here. Good advice.
Back to the watching the Balloon Ascension on Saturday morning. 

More and more balloons in the air
 I love the colors - reminds me of stained glass. 

Gently floating in the air. Like jewels in the sky.

I can just see this as a window.  

Or this.  

So that is what this is - first good look at it.  

Oh Oh! That is where Willie, the Jeep, is parked. Hope it land on him.

I was surprised at how low they all stayed. Most were close to the ground.

A bride and groom were getting pictures taken with the balloons as a background. What a neat idea.

Hope he doesn't land in the street.

Stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and discovered a  balloon in the parking lot.

Thought this was funny. Food was very good.

The RV Park where we are staying here in Panguitch Utah. Only $15.50 a day. Level gravel spots, kind of narrow though, but very long pull throughs. Good water pressure, good WiFi. 30 amps and sewer.
We would stay here again.

Change of plans, we will probably go all the way home today. Unless we change our minds again as it is about 240 miles.


Mark said...

Was watching the fire at Brian Head on the news, looks terrible. Be careful. The balloons look awesome, Carol I thought I heard you say that you might like to go for a balloon ride, are you still thinking of doing it..

Carol and Bill said...

No I don't think I have the nerve to go up in a balloon. especially after watching where some of them came down. We are home now.

SandyM said...

Love the balloon photos. Have you and Bill ever attended the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico that takes place in early October each year?