Saturday, April 29, 2017

I am plumb tuckered out!

Well the yard sale is over. What didn't sell is either thrown out, packed to take to Goodwill or put back in the shed for another day. We got up early and set everything up. The gates opened at 8:00 and closed at 3:00 By 2:00 though we'd had enough and packed up. We really priced things to sell and got rid of a bunch of small appliances. I put my FitBit on this morning and have got almost 8000 steps as I write this. Just going in and out of the house and back and forth in the garage. 
Luckily the wind was kind of quiet and when it picked up it came from the north east - which is behind us. I was afraid it would sweep through the garage aggravating everyone's allergies. With this new dose of meds Bill seems to be feeling better, his eyes aren't running quite so much.
We found out today that our community has another new manager. The one we've been dealing with for our roof is gone - poof! Hopefully he left notes for the new one - or even better finished the inspection and sent in the report before he left. Guess we'll find out next week. 
Tomorrow the gardeners are supposed to come and put a sprinkler system in our side and back yards. Then it will be time to decide on plants.  The Southern Nevada Water Authority has a wonderful web page about plants for this area. Some they list as bullet proof - they should grow anywhere with very little care. My kind of plant.
Forgot to mention we got the Jeep back the next day - Wednesday. Less than $500. New radiator, new hoses and new fluids and a hazard waste fee. The Jeep has 111,664 miles on it - driven miles and at least 60,000 towed miles. Guess he has the right to get a few things replaced now and again. 
Tomorrow there is not supposed to be wind in the a.m. so Bill will go flying. I plan on doing nothing, except to watch the race later.  - 
Maybe work on my window as it is back out in the garage face down waiting for me...

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