Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pretty flowers real and glass

Not much to say about today. Sometimes I wonder why I dream about what I dream about. This morning I woke up too early to get up so went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was still working [retired almost 15 years ago] and I was at a school in Huntington Park, CA looking for the cafeteria manager. But the school had been remodeled to look like a Disney attraction. I was trying to find the manager's office. Weird. Got up to late to see the sunrise which was probably pretty as there were clouds in the sky. Bill was still sleeping so I put on my shoes and went for a walk. A neighbors Iris garden. Sure a pretty color. 
 Only did a short walk a little over one mile. When I got home Bill was up and ready to go out. We went to the RV dealer to check on Arvi - we can pick him up Thursday morning. Then we have to put all the stuff back in him. Ugh. We also asked them to take out the mattress as we bought a new one. A medium firm 10 inch queen short Gel Memory Foam. It comes all squished down in a box. The directions say put it in the bedroom before removing it from the box. It weighs 85 pounds! Should be interesting. Then we went to breakfast. This rose bush was in front of the restaurant. Two colored roses - one bush. 
 Then to Home Depot to see what we can put on the garage floor. Bill was thinking carpet tiles until we priced them. Don't think so. 
Continue working on my window, starting to work on the leaves now. According to my FitBit I did over a mile 1/2 just going from cutting table, grinder and into house to laundry room sink working on the glass. 
And there is Bill up on a ladder again. One of our metal hummingbirds we bought in Mexico came loose in the winds. He was hanging upside down. 
It's amazing how much time I spend on working on the window. Most of the day just passes.Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, maybe we'll get out and do something interesting. 

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