Friday, April 7, 2017

Weather, walking and working

Is it just me because I'm one of the elders but I hate seeing all the old long time stores closing. I don't like shopping on line - though we just did buy a new mattress for the RV on line. But I like to feel and try on what I'm buying. Not everyone is a fan of Amazon or on-line stores. I remember when it was a social event. A couple of us girls/women would get together go to one of the big malls shop and have lunch. Along with a lot of talking and laughing. Always a satisfying day, even if we didn't find anything we wanted to buy. Now we're supposed to sit down with an electronic device, poke a couple of buttons and that is it. Not near as full filling. Before if we got a package in the mail it was a big event. Now we spend time tracking it and arranging our days to be home to get it. Guess I'm showing my age. 
Some pictures from last night.  Looking due west. 
 They delivered a load of rocks across the street. Assuming for one or both of the new houses. They need some landscaping of some sort. 
 More clouds from last night - looking north. Strange formations and a weird yellow color. 

 Just the front of our house with our bush trimmed and my stacked rocks. 
 Looking south east from the back of the house. Reminds me of "earthquake weather." Almost like a watercolor painting. 
Not much of a sunrise this morning, too many clouds. But I did get out for a walk as soon as the sun took the chill off. He was sitting in the street - almost stepped on him. Don't know which of us was more surprised. 
 Some of the cactus around the community are blooming. Such pretty flowers.
 After getting home, I was back out in the garage working on the second flower for the window. About half way through I remembered to tape the pieces together so they would keep shifting. Hard to fit pieces together when they keep moving. 
 Continued working on it off and on during the day. Have not started to foil these pieces yet. But this is my foiler. Makes it a lot easier. Just stick the edge of the glass in the green button and move it until it is all foiled. 
 And Bill got the saw working for me. Makes cutting the deep indentations a lot easier. Trying to use the regular glass cutter I broke a big petal. Grrr...Then he fixed the saw and cutting it was a piece of cake. 
The roofer just left. They will start on the roof tomorrow morning. And it is supposed to be WINDY and rainy tomorrow. 
Bill is cooking dinner tonight. Surprise - I don't know what it is but it sure smells good. 

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