Saturday, April 8, 2017

Roof is started - window is progressing.

Another windy day here. Temperatures are great - mid 80's. And at least the predicted rain didn't show up. 
I mentioned that Bill fixed dinner last night. So Good. Chicken breasts rolled around ham and cheese. Then breaded and cooked. Along with salad - perfect. 
We understood that the roofers were supposed to be here bright and early. So by 10:30 when no one was here I called the roofer. Oops - mix up his bad. He told me the guys would be at house within hour.  One hour 15 minutes later came the truck with all the shingles. One young man put all the packages up on the roof.!
 Three guys were soon on roof and the pounding began. Actually it isn't as noisy as I thought it would be. 
Took this at 5 o'clock. This is the back corner of the house. There is still a whole lot to go. They will work until dusk then be back tomorrow morning. We're having a variegated shade of brown put on. And a better grade of shingle. Should look nice when it is done. The insurance company is footing the entire bill except for the $500 deductible. Thank goodness.
While waiting I watched NASCAR practice, qualifying and the Xfinity race. Bill watched two soccer games. Between events and during commercials I'd run out to the garage and work on my window. Didn't notice Bill with the camera. I'm cleaning off a piece I just ground. Adding the darker red to the orange flower.
 Grinding a piece. Gad I didn't realize I was that fat! More walking and less eating in the future. 
 Probably cutting a piece. Today I used the saw a lot, much easier to cut glass that way. 
 And here is what I got done today. The darker color on the orange flower and a stem for a bud. Doesn't sound like much but took a long time. 
You can see all the tape keeping the pieces from shifting. They still all have to be washed - the cutting lines removed [the white and or black you can see around the edges of a piece] and foiled. I also had to take the foil off a couple of pieces I did the other day because I didn't like the way they fit or I should say didn't fit.
And that's it for today. Tomorrow is a race so I'll watch it and probably work on more of the window. The roofers are supposed to come back - early. 


NormSusan said...

I don't think you are fat at all. Your clothes are just a bit too big. Your project looks like it is coming along great. Will be awesome when done.

Carol and Bill said...

and you are my favorite person ever.