Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers, tables and pans.

Well CRAP - I was just checking my FitBit and I had a little over 6000 steps on it already today, it is now only 1:30 and somehow I pressed the button and zip everything went back to zeros! Grrr
Took this last night looking over The Wetlands. I love seeing all the mountains behind us. It was kind of a strange time of night with the sun just going down. 
 There were actually three jets up there but I couldn't see the last one through the camera lens - thought I had it. It was coming across the other two. 
 So anyway I did take a walk this morning. Lots of pretty flowers in bloom. Lots of different colors. 

 And I saw him sitting way up on top of a tree. Tried to get a better picture but my camera battery died. Is he a desert bird? Or is he lost?
 I mentioned that I've got my window done up to the point where I have to solder it all together. I didn't want to do that inside a room and for sure not on my sewing table. So every wonderfully helpful Bill built me a table out in the garage. Luckily I'd taken a walk this morning and still had my tennis shoes on as between us we managed to drop one of the side on my big toe. I thought he was holding it and he thought I was holding it. And it had a mind of its own. OUCH.
My car in the driveway and Willie across the street in the empty lot driveway. And I bet our neighbors loved the sound of the saw. And I was grinding glass too. But the house in the middle back of photo was getting a new roof so they were making noise too. 
 Still need to get something to put on the top to smooth it out and finish the edges. Trip to Home Depot coming up. I need to go to the glass shop too to get some zinc strips to frame the window and some flux, my old flux is more like gunk now. 
In the last few months we've been getting rid of some of our old scratched up pans and replacing them with Copper Chef and Red Copper pans. LOVE THEM. Well worth the price. Will never use anything else. Going to make scalloped potatoes with ham for dinner tonight. Going to use one of the square ones (depending on how much I make) and cook in oven. Scalloped potatoes always stick to the sides of what ever I've used. And Bill likes them crispy. Should be interesting to see how it turns out. 
 Was planning on going up to the office and asking about our roof invoice but got a text message that the office is closed as they are in the area of the park that has no power - And part of the park has no water due to a main line break. Neither affecting us. 


SandyM said...

Hope someone can ID the bird for you and all of us. Your window is beautiful - am excited to see finished product.

Carol and Bill said...

Window is now in garage on new table.

Tom said...

Great Blue Herons nest in tree tops. Since you have a wetland behind you, it can live around your area.

Carol and Bill said...

thank you - just seemed strange to see it in a tree in the desert.