Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oh where to begin!

Yesterday and today have been really busy. Busy good and busy bad. But first off someone asked me where my stained glass window would go. So here is where it will end up. This little window which for the life of me I can't open - and it faces the wetlands so I don't really want it open. It is not a louvered window the slats are a shadow of the awning over the outside of the window. We will not remove the window simply place the new one in front of the old one. Then frame it with quarter round to hold it in place. I have about 3/4 of the front of the window soldered. Then the zinc frame has to be put on and then the window turned so I can solder the backside. After that it gets turned front up again and I correct all the ugly soldering on the front, clean it really good and then put a patina solution on it that will turn all the solder black to give it a stained glass finished look. So lots to do still.
 Yesterday I went to the dimensional sewing class. So much fun. It was two hours long and learned a lot. Here are a couple of samples the teacher has done. We learned how to do the tree trunks and make rock material look 3 dimensional. 
 While I was in the sewing class Bill was at the RC hobby shop. Should never have let him be there for two hours. Good grief. More new toys. After leaving there were went to the glass shop where I bought the zinc strips to frame my window. The Jeep started to over heat while on the way there. Thought it was the weather, quite warm and the heavy traffic. Thought it would cool down while in glass shop. Well it did but started heating up really bad as we went down the road. Pulled into the first gas station we could find. Of course they didn't have water but they did have a convenience store. When Bill took the cap off we had a water volcano. So he went inside and bought bottled water. Poured it in. Waited. and waited until Willie cooled down enough to start. Only we another two blocks before it was too hot again. So pulled into a parking lot, called triple A and waited - only about 10 minutes. Had him tow us home as it was late by then and Bills planes and my sewing machine were in the car. So here goes Willie wheels up on the tow truck. 
Had him put the Jeep in the driveway across from us as we can't leave a car on the street overnight. 
So this morning we called triple A again and had Willie towed to the mechanic, just down the street. He is there now, mechanic just called a cracked radiator. At least it's not a blown engine.  We were going to put the Jeep back in the backyard and use my car yesterday and until we decided to go somewhere with the RV [which is still at the dealers.] Good thing we didn't or we'd have had a lousy first day of a trip. At least we're home and have a second car. 
But back to the sewing. We learned about making tree trunks and making rock material look like a pile of rocks. So I've been playing today. The tree I made in class and started the rock pile.
The background was just some material I was practicing on with the rocks so ignore it. My tree with a broken branch and no leaves, my rock pile.

 A closer look at the rocks. Next time I try they will look better. This is a learning project. I should have used black thread and a smaller stitch length. Also she taught us to do them by hand, but I used the sewing machine today. 
 The tree trunk. Fabric folded around batting.
 Also fooling with a small creek and some bushes. The bushes need work. I can see having experimenting with this. 
The lady bug is a button I had. 
So that is it so far today. I'm also having trouble getting into my web page and making some changes. So far had to download a newer version of the program and needed a new password. Still not working. grrrrr...Working with the hosting company to solve problem. 
Almost forgot - the park has inspected our roof and tomorrow the regional manager is supposed to be here at the park and he will do the final inspection and hopefully we will all get our money. Eventually. 


Galician stained glass studio said...

Stained glass is a pain to deal with. I hope you won`t damage yours when installing

Carol and Bill said...

Have made and installed many in the past.