Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Where did the day go?

I went out to the garage around 8:30 this morning to grind a few pieces of my window that I'd rough cut. I got all the yellow petals ground. My grinder in the garage. The window pattern was set up in the sewing room. I should have worn my FitBit as I was back and forth many many times before I moved the pattern to the garage. 
 After grinding and fitting the yellow pieces I thought I'd cut a couple of the orange pieces that go around the flower. Well after they were cut they needed to be ground to fit. Before I knew it they were all done. 
 I wonder how the middle will look using some different pieces of glass. I like it. So of course they had to be ground. The grinding smooths the edges of the glass so it isn't quite as sharp and dangerous. Also helps to shape and fit the pieces together. 
 Oh gosh I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. Did have a sandwich at 3:30. Then why not put the copper foil on a few pieces just to see how it looks. And to see if the old foil I have would still work. Yep it did. Got the whole flower foiled. 
 A closer look at the foil. After they are foiled I have to use a flat plastic tool called a fud to smooth the edges and to adhere the foil to the glass. Was going to leave that until tomorrow. 
I soon was back out in garage working on the foil. Only did a few pieces though. Need something to do tomorrow. Well besides the whole rest of the window. Time flies when you're having fun. Tomorrow I'll finish pressing the foil and start on the petals of the top flower. 
This is the second time I'm making this same pattern. The first time I made it it was my first window project. This is how it looked. 
Unfortunately it got broken in a move. 
My second big project was this window. 3' x 4'. Used it as a room divided in Indiana. I have a window over my bathtub, maybe I'll make another one like this for that window. 
And this was a window I made in Indiana for over my bathtub there. The only pic I could find of it was one I took when it was a work in progress. 
Also made these windows for our living room in Indiana. They both stayed with the house.
 And many years ago Bill and I collaborated on these. They were inserts in our bedroom doors. 
It is an addicting hobby. Only managed to cut myself once today. But took a good hunk out of my thumb. So easy to do. 
So no cooking or cleaning today. Did talk to roofer though, he is going to try to expedite the roofing. Hope so Saturday forecasting up to 50 mph winds and rain. 

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NormSusan said...

Nice work. You should think about selling them. I would be first in line.