Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Not much to write about today

I worked on my window for a while this morning. I finished the leaves so only have the background to do now. After much searching through my stash of glass I came to the conclusion that I did not have enough of any one kind of glass to do the background. so what to do?
Well jump into the car and go to the glass store. But first we needed gas in the car. Price of gas seems to be going up every day. $2.60 today. After filling up we headed up Tropicana - Bill was driving. I noticed he kept looking at the gauges...I finally asked what was wrong after he made a U-turn. Seems the mustang was heating up. So on home. Raise the hood and look under it. Hum...Need to take it to mechanic. So that involved getting the Jeep uncovered and out of the back yard. He drove Willie and I drove the mustang to the mechanic. He went inside to talk to the mechanic. I very carefully put up the windows in the mustang and got out to see what was up. Bill came back out, got in the car popped the hood, turned on the engine, got out and closed the door. Oh Oh, the door locks engage as soon as the engine starts. So now the keys were locked in the running car. Oh My! Luckily the mechanic had a handy dandy little door opener. I think the mechanic said it needs a new fan or fan part. Any way it is at the mechanics until sometime tomorrow. The car is almost 20 years old and only has 78,000 miles on it. That taken care of we headed across town to Glass Art Studio to get my background glass. So glad to see our friends the owners , Chuck and Lee. Haven't seen them since last summer. Think we'll be seeing a lot more of them this year as I already want to do another window. Got the glass and visited for a while. Then on to son's office to see our daughter-in-law who had foot surgery a couple of weeks ago. She is doing fine. I asked her to give me her doctors name as my foot has been really hurting the last couple of days. [today for some reason it feels better - shush don't let it hear me] Last nite it was really hurting and swollen. Two Aleve, glass of wine and sleeping pill kind of night. Wasn't on it too much today so hopefully it will continue to feel better. Of course if we are out we have to go somewhere to eat. Late lunch so no cooking tonight.
Then because we were on that side of town we went to the RC plane hobby shop. Bill spent some time [not money] just talking to to the owners. Absorbing information.
On the way home we stopped at the RV dealer and told them to go ahead and keep the RV until the last part comes in, by the end of the month. No sense bringing it home then having to take it back.
We also stopped at Sam's Town RV park to visit with the couple we were parked next to in Mazatlan. They are on their way home to Canada. Unfortunately he slipped off a ladder while washing his windshield yesterday and shattered his heel. In a soft cast until swelling goes down some. Not sure if he can drive home. Wishing him well. Then home where I proceeded to do nothing the rest of the day.
And that's it for now.


Doug and Nancy said...

Nice! Loving the stained glass!!!!

Jackie McGuinness said...

We waited in line at Costco for gas, something we have never done. It was $1.06 CDN per liter compared to 1.16 CDN per liter at the chain gas stations. So quit complaining!