Sunday, April 2, 2017

Airplanes and NASCAR

Yesterday - despite weather forecasters - remained windy. I walked a little around the neighborhood - which I found out is NOT called "over 55" but being PC it is called Age Qualified Community." About 1/3 of the roofs here have damage and 6 or 7 people lost their carports or porch or patio awnings. No trees came down in here which surprised me. Some of these pine trees are big. 
In spite of the wind we went over to the Radio Control Air Field. The last Saturday of every month they have a swap meet. Talk about boys and their toys. 
 Also noticed snow on the mountains north of us. Haven't seen it there before. It got really nasty here for a couple of days. Mount Charleston required chains to drive up there. 
 This guy has way too many toys - actually I later learned he was a dealer. I should hope so. No flying as it was too windy. 
 So we came on home and I watched NASCAR. Bill washed both cars. Willie is now in the back yard again under a cover. 
Last week Bill met a man in the hobby shop who offered to help him learn to fly his plane. He said he would be at the field right by us this morning. So off we went at 7:30. Not a whisper of wind that early. Here Bill is getting some instruction on setting things up. 
 Looking towards the strip and Mount Charleston. More snow than before.
 Taking the plane out to the runway. The guy in the dark jacket was also a newbie and he has the same plane and controller as Bill. 
 Coming in for a landing.
It is surprising how hard it is to find the plane in the sky if you happen to take your eyes off it for a second.
Where is it? Do you see it?"

 Landing, just a small bounce. All of this area is what we see from our back yard. A couple of geese suddenly appeared and flew right down the runway. Luckily no one was taking off or landing. 
 These guys really get into it. Someone brought a big speaker and music, another one brought a bbq, someone else brought a cooler and bags of ice. Guess they planned on spending the day here. There were only 3 of us women there. 
 The plane is the dark spot on the bottom of the cloud. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours. And the plane came home in one piece.
Got home and I watched the NASCAR race. #18 had a good day and came in 2nd. It's been 21 races since he has won. Needs to get with it. 
No cooking today, just leftovers or munchies. I have ingredients for a Quiche on my grocery list. I've never made one. Sounds easy. 


Dirk Digler said...

I so enjoy your pics of Bill... Looking... Talking...asking...learning...always from afar. Very cool! Thanks for the great blogs.

Carol and Bill said...

he is the happiest when he is learning something new