Friday, March 31, 2017

What a difference a day makes

The morning today started out nasty. More wind and rain. With our roof problem we really didn't need rain. Didn't last long though. By afternoon it was just cloudy and cold. Wind is hopefully gone for a while. The insurance adjuster will be back here Monday morning. 
Lots of crews out working in the neighborhood removing the downed porch and carport roofs.
We went out for a bit, brrr. I even wore a jacket! Bill's Nook died so a trip to Barnes and Nobel for a new one for him too. So now we both have new phones and new Nooks. Unexpected expenses. 
It was so cool in here this a.m. we had the furnace running. And I baked peanut butter cookies to warm up. Haven't made them in years. Taste pretty good. 
And now I have a roast and potatoes and carrots in the oven. By tomorrow afternoon we'll probably have the AC running. 
Just some of the trash and shingle pieces on the patio. Luckily we had some people coming today to clean up the back yard. Mainly to get rid of the pine needles. Good timing on our part. 
In this back corner under one of the pine trees the needles were so thick I thought we'd need to get new rock.  They were a solid cover on the ground. 
 More needles, trash and shingles. 
 Just some of the pine needles as they were cleaning them up from the yard. 
 More shingles in front of the house. This is where the dead Cyprus tree was. Glad they got it down before the winds. But now it needs some kind of landscaping. The new house so close next door. 
 Clean patio and yard. 
 The same picture as above without the pine needles. Now HOA get your inspector down here!
 Looking at the house. We have a big rock yard. We have 3 pine trees and one palm tree out there. Needs some color! But I don't want to take care of anything.
 All those bags are full of pine needles from the back. 
 They also trimmed this little tree and moved some rock around to fill in the bare spaces. Yesterday we were chasing the plants from the window boxes all over the neighborhood. 
 We can't park any thing in the street. Luckily Willie fits sideways in the driveway. My car and our hobbies are in the garage. 
 So nice and neat and clean. You can see our four trees. No weeds either. 

So for a couple of days things will look nice. Until next wind. Hopefully we don't get any more rain until we get the roof fixed. The RV is still at the dealers getting things done - I hope. I'm glad it wasn't here yesterday. 
Tomorrow is RC airplane field swap meet and I have racing to watch. 


Grandma on the Road said...

How about some shorter trees and shrubs that come in different shades of green? Some are blue-green and others are light green, etc. That would give you some color without having to plant things that require care. Maybe just one corner to start with. And there are perennials that might do well in the desert. JudyJB

Carol and Bill said...

There is a real pretty bush that grows here and it flowers orange all summer. I hope to get a couple of them. And maybe an ocitillo. But we have to be home long enough to get them started and happy. One of these days.

Franklin Stewart said...

Your mention of the insurance adjuster brought back a lot of memories from having our own roof repaired after a hailstorm. Although I am very glad to have had the experience, and even more glad to have a beautiful roof, I am thankful we are done with the whole blasted thing and hope we never have to go through it again.

Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors