Thursday, March 2, 2017

A week of friends

The birds will not come to eat in the tree when the Jeep is facing the tree. That eagle must look real to them. If the hood is covered or the car is facing the other way they are there the minute I put something out.
Finally bought  a new purse. Went with cloth with lots of embroidered flowers on it. In the store it looks dark blue, outside it is kind of purple. I mentioned a couple of times that the color wasn't what I expected so yesterday we made another trip to Cerritos Beach  and..
got two more purses, one with black background and one with beige background. All have two zippered pockets on the outside backside. And one zippered pocket inside which just fits a wallet. Then a big open space - so I've finally figured out where to put stuff. Also zipper across the top. 
This is the blown glass flying pig I got the other day. He is now safely packed away for the trip home. I hope.
Also got another little purse - bought it for the figures on it. I have a larger purse at home that has lost some of the little figures - the one that I was trying to replace but the vendor can't get it until November. So thought Id take some of these figures and put them on the purse that has lost them. Maybe. 
As I mentioned this is a week of doing things with friends. Monday night we ate dinner with John and Jackie at Torres, as they were staying the night there. Then again Tuesday morning we ate breakfast with them at Torres. The day was finally warm enough for one of the iguanas to come out and act like he was too good to look at anyone.  He is right next to the pool. 
Driving towards town yesterday. Wednesday - the day after carnaval. Lots of street sweepers out cleaning. 
The drive over to old town wasn't too bad. We parked in our favorite lot, but needed luck to get in. When we first got there it was full. Only has 12 spaces. Only the older parking attendant was there. What difference does that make. Well he cant drive - when the kid that washes the cars is there we can always pull in because as a space becomes available he will move the cars around. Think about that for a bit. So anyway we went around a couple of blocks and just as we came back to the parking lot someone was leaving so we got in. Then we practically ran over to the Culinary Market to see if any cinnamon rolls were left - it was almost 11:00 - we got the last four. Then sat down and ate breakfast there too. 
 Bill taking the cinnamon rolls back to the car so we could go do errands. Every parking spot was full. 
 Oh I forgot - before going to park we went looking for the camera repairman. We had called him and got his address, right near Centro. Finally found it. Also discovered no streets in that area have signs and the house numbering is really weird. AND they are all one way??? Finally found a very nice lady who looked at our map and told us where we were and where we needed to go. Okay found the street. Then to find the number...One side of the street the numbers were in the 100s the other side of the street the numbers were in the 200s. To make a long story short we finally found where he lives but he wasn't home. Lesson learned - call him to make an appointment if we decide to go back. 
Just a window we passed while going to the optometrist to pick up my glasses. 
 The outside of the glasses place. Went in and found out the glasses wouldn't be ready until after 3:00.
 Then we continued up the street to the watchmaker so I could get the  band on my watch shortened. Tired of trying to find the face of the watch when I checked the time. Now it fits fine. Bill also got a new battery in one of his watches. Cost - five dollars total. While waiting for the band to be shortened the watchmaker also a jeweler handed Bill a gold colored watch band and asked Bill how much he thought it weighed and what karat gold it was. Bill put it in his hand. Shook his hand up and down a little and said "2 ounces - 18 karat." Watchmaker was surprised and said Bill was right. I was surprised too. Bill said after being a jeweler for so many years he'd better be able to do that. So they had a discussion about how different 14, 18 and 24 karat gold felt and weighed. Hum...
Then back to pick up the car. Another car had pulled in and was not in a parking space. OH OH - so the attendant asked Bill if after he pulled the Jeep out if he would put the other car into our vacated space. Maybe Bill should start charging for his services while we're here. 
 Back to the car and heading home. Forgot it was Ash Wednesday. Traffic by the cathedral three and a half lanes of traffic in a one lane street. 
 Taking a picture of a man taking a picture. Maybe he was trying to scope out a way to get through the traffic on his bike. I'd say sidewalk. 
 Selling green grapes outside the cathedral.  And looks like potatoes. 
 Fun traffic to drive through. And of course people crossing everywhere. I can't take my eyes off the road. And neither can Bill.
 Just found out about this place. They make all kinds of sausage. German, Italian etc. etc. But never any parking around there. And it is too late to buy any as we couldn't get them across the US Border.
By the time we got back to RV park, John and Shirley our friends we went to visit in Aticama were at the park. So after visiting a bit we went for a ride and out to eat. 
Potties waiting to be picked up from Carnaval. Most of thee bleachers are already taken down. The street along the Malecon is very clean. Over 100,000 people were there Tuesday night for the last parade. 
 I don' think I got a picture of this guy before. 
 Finally got a decent picture of the restaurant Centenairo. And there is a YELLOW cow out front! Inside joke. The last time we ate there the yellow cow was inside and a blue one was outside. 
 Of course we ate at Fat Fish. My plate of ribs. Must have been hungry as I ate them all. No leftovers. 
Today we are showing some more friends from here in the RV park how to get to Puerta de Canoas to the candy factory. So I'd best get ready to go. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I forgot to tell you the yellow cow WAS back outside the other day!!!!

Carol and Bill said...

so i'm not crazy

SandyM said...

Love your purple/ blue purse. Great pictures. Traveling mercies for your trip back to Vegas