Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Back in the USA

Oh what a relief it is! It is always a good feeling to get back into the states and know we had another nice winter in Mexico without any major problems. Going back to last night. Saw this beautiful 1941 Dodge in the parking lot of the Italian restaurant where we went for dinner.
 Our last dinner in Mexico in an Italian restaurant. 
 I din't notice the moon last night but this morning it was still glowing in the sky. We got up before light and got ready to leave. 
 We pulled out of the RV park at 7:00 just as the sun was coming up. 
 Most of the road between San Carlos and Hermosillo was really good. Lots of good concrete and back and forth. Very little washboard and shaking. 
 Saw about 20 of these big machines in the last few days of travel. Eventually the 15-D in Mexico will be great. 
 New signage marking the detours. 
Going through Hermosillo.  From the first right turn to the toll booth took 1/2 hour. Normal traffic, some rough road but good signs. No detours in city. But wish they would build a bypass. 
Toll booth north of Hermosillo, it is nice and wide. We noticed most tolls have increased by 12 pesos since going south. 
This is just south of Benjamin Hill. Had to slow down for the big thick rope across the lanes tope. The truck on the left is an X-ray truck. Had to go by it slow, No stopping, in fact didn't see any one. 
Watch for the Pemex stations. Lots of new vibredores across the highways at them. Coming  up to another military check point Mexico. 
Glad I'm not a truck driver. I wonder how long before they get moving again. Nap and eating time I guess. Glad we could bypass that line. 
We go to the left. All the buses were being unloaded. Passengers standing around. 
Just waved us through, last year we got pulled over and some one came in and looked around . Never know what will happen. 
From Santa Anna north there is a lot of construction all the way to Km 21. 
This must be a particularly bad curve. Some of those are big enough to live in. 
Coming up to Km 21 to turn in vehicle permit. Be sure to go to the booth that is open! Luckily there was someone already there so it was clear. Usually it is this far right booth. 

If you are towing and only turning in the car permit you have to pull way up so the car is next to the booth. Took about 5 minutes.
The last Mexican military check point. Well marked. Frontera USA
Closer to the check point, Lane marking for RVS
Again glad I'm not a truck driver. 
Topes at check point. Just got waved through until...
For some reason there was a hold up here. Dead stop for about 20 minutes while trucks and other traffic cut in front of us. Military directing traffic. Finally on the move. 
Next stop last toll booth then on to US border. Again marked well. 
 Always unnerves me when we are driving on the wrong side of the center divider.

 Getting up to the border. There will be traffic coming into this area to the right of us. 
When you get to this point. Notice traffic on right. See the metal arm over the lane. By the time you get there you will have to get WAY to the right. The vendors will tell  you that. There is one older heavy set woman just at the end of the concrete barrier. We always give her the last of our Mexican change and she stops the traffic on the right so we can get way over. No problem. Watch for her. She sells newspapers. 
 Free wheeling up to portal. As you can see there are two RVs in front of us at the gate. We were at photo above this at 12:40. 
 Guard came and opened gate and let in the two RVs. Told us we would have to wait until they were cleared. There is a new addition to the border crossing this year. A big X-Ray machine that you have to drive through. The front RV had to back up and go through it again. Of course we made not so nice comments about it. Finally they were gone and it was our turn to go through gate. 
 Pull up past booth so another RV could also be left through gate. Passports taken. Guard enters RV to check for food and plants. Then we pulled up to Xray. See the red X do not go until it turns to a green arrow. Waited until it turned. Also do not go faster than 3 miles per hour. Big lit up sign showing your speed. No problem. Turned green went through at 2/3 miles per hour. Then guard stops you while hearing about the XRay, CRAP - the scan did not work. Back up and go through again. BACK UP??? Well you have to go through again. So either back up or go around - north then back through Mexican border to US  border and get back in line... Don't think so. So Bill very carefully backed up the Jeep and RV. Just as he reached as far back as he had to go the Jeep was starting to turn sideways...Thank goodness he didn't have to go further. Of course we also could have unhooked and gone through. That probably would have been easier. Why didn't the scan work. No idea, just happens sometimes. After clearing scan guard came inside again, with his flashlight and looking in and under things. Then he looked in the outside compartments. Which meant Bill had to get out and unlock them. Was it fun NO. We cleared and entered US at 1:30. 40 minutes to clear. IF there had been no one in front of us and IF scan had worked it would have taken much less time. 
 The last check point just before Amado, AZ. 
We are at Mountain View Ranch RV park in Amado. Here for three days using Passport America $16 a night. Went to Cow Palace for late lunch. Got our Verizon MiFi up and working and the Direct TV working. Then just relaxed.
Today we'll run errands. Glad to be home in US.


Grandma on the Road said...

No wonder you are glad to be back in the U.S.! That border process and all the traffic would raise my blood pressure and drive me nuts, especially since I don't speak Spanish.

Carol and Bill said...

US border is the most difficult and longest. We got used to the check points. The Mexican military is very polite and curious about RVs.

John Boisvenue said...

Glad to hear you guys have arrived safe into the US.
Excellent, see you later in Vegas.

Contessa said...

Thanks for the detailed post.....most helpful. You deserve to take a few days off and relax.

Carol and Bill said...

looking forward to it.

Carol and Bill said...

hope it helps - patience is required.

Tom said...

Welcome back. If you have time, maybe we can get together..

Carol and Bill said...

We are leaving tomorrow morning - have a few errands today - Late lunch at old Mac's?

Tom said...

Sounds good. What time?