Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday was a busy day

A cloudy cool going to be windy day. Yesterday was cool too. I loved it. Did get a lot done yesterday. I finished the label for the quilt for our 8th great grandbaby. Now just have to get it mailed. 
It is a Sampler Quilt. All the blocks are different patterns. 
I also got the beads to fringe and bead the t-shirt I bought in Mazatlan. This particular shirt was the most popular one in Mazatlan this year,. Saw it every where. At one shop I saw it fringed and beaded but only for children. So I bought a regular one and figured I'd bead it at home. Now it is done. Debating doing the sleeves too. 
And I remembered that I had some beautiful frames in the closet so I dug one out - Bill made it years ago and framed my print I bought at the Art Walk. Next year I will get the companion print. Same couple and location, different pose. Guess I should have used the flash . The frame is maple burl. 
We had to run out to the store and as we were leaving I remember the Monster Trucks were at Sam Boyd stadium so we drove by to see if we could see any of them. Yep we could. We couldn't get inside the gate but got a few clear pictures. They sure are BIG.
This one has it's back wheels on top of a car. 
These are all Grave Digger getting air over a mound of dirt. All attached to the ones in front of and behind them. 

Grave Digger being admired. 
I like the teeth, tail and ears. 
After getting home from store I of course watched NASCAR from California. #18 qualified 9th. Not real good but the car is fast. 
We also called the handy man over to look at our roof. He suggests calling the insurance company to see if they will repair it. He says a lot of it is wind damage but it is an old roof - but worth a try. 
Willie, the Jeep, is spending the weekend at the mechanics waiting for his new front shocks to get there [had to be special ordered] and be put in. Sticker Shock! Wish we could have had them done in Mexico.
No plans for today - except NASCAR - too windy for Bill to play with his planes. Guess where they are parked - in the dining room...
doesn't really go with my spring table setting. 

A couple of our boys made the big candle sticks next to the plant when they were in junior high. 


Janet said...

Love the picture you picked up at Art Walk, looks great in the frame Bill made. Looks like you are keeping busy.
Our youngest son has many radio controlled cars and a couple of boats. The hydroplane really boogies out on the lake.

SandyM said...

Love the little quilt for the newest great grand baby.