Sunday, March 19, 2017

And then we were home.

We got up early Saturday morning. But waited until the sun was well up before we left Quartzsite. The sunrise was kind of pretty. 
 We pulled out of the RV park at 8:00. Went up to the Flying J to fill the tank for the last leg of our journey home. 
 One last agricultural check passing through a little corner of California. 
 Uneventful trip. Warm but no wind. Thank goodness. Wind picked up in Vegas about an hour after we got home. Vegas came into sight. We were surprised at the amount of snow still on the surrounding mountains. 
We pulled up in front of hour home at 12:00 - 209 miles. Luckily there were no construction trucks in the street. In fact only the two new homes they put in before we left are here. Still two empty lots. 
The house was fine. Always glad to find that nothing went wrong while we were gone. After going out for lunch we spent a lot of the rest of the day unloading.  Went to bed early. Nice to be back in our big bed. 
Our whole trip was 136 days long and we drove the RV 2719 miles. Don't know how many miles we put on the jeep but will look it up later. 
Enjoyed our time in Mexico but glad to be home. 

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NormSusan said...

So sad you are home and no more Mexico posts but also looking forward to your Vegas posts as they are also fun to see!! Enjoy a little time off, you deserve it.