Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saturday and Sunday

When I posted the blog yesterday morning everything was fine until I tried to post a link on Facebook. Then I got this message from Facebook. "Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other on Facebook have reported as abusive."
Cannot figure out what was Facebook's problem. My PG blog abusive??? Maybe it didn't like the names of the trucks. Weird. 
Bill has a flight simulator for his RC planes - he couldn't see the plane when flying it on his computer screen.We had a TV out in the shed so in it came to hook up to his computer. Sounds easy right? Well maybe for you but not for us. First we had to make a trip to Best Buy to buy a HDM1 cable??? But neither end of the cable would go into the computer. So then we had to buy an adapter with a USB connection to plug the cable into. On home. Okay the adapter was in the computer, the HDM1 cable was in the adapter - Oh oh, now it had to be plugged into the TV which was already on the wall. [Getting it on the wall was another story, which also created a need to go to WalMart to get the bracket to hang it- the day before.] So Bill had to get up on the table and take the TV down so we could plug the cable in. Loaded the software - not working. Read instructions again. Reload software. Hum...maybe cable should be plugged into the other HDM port. Ah Ha now we had a picture on the TV. But it was only the screen wallpaper - no way to run the program. Also when it loaded it screwed up Bill's laptop. To make a long story a little shorter. We gave up on the laptop and loaded and plugged into his PC. Now we had wallpaper and sound on the TV. Finally after much fooling with drop down menus it was working. Took all of the morning. Exhausted us both. Oh yes, TV had to go back up on wall. I'm too old for this. Bill finally able to play with his flight simulator.
 I watched a race and he played. Then bless him, he fixed a delicious dinner of cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breasts, potatoes and salad. Quiet evening.
Up before the sun again this morning. Kind of pretty sunrise. Very still out, no wind. Another nice day temperature wise too. 
 This morning I decided I'd better start walking again. Put my shoes on and grabbed my camera. In front of our house. Notice two lots are still empty and the one new house on that side of street is for sale, but has no landscaping.
 Bill came out to join me but it was still pretty cool out and I'd forgot to put on my Fitbit so we ended up getting in the car and going out to breakfast. Stuff the walk. 
After breakfast we went over to the RC airfield. As you can see it was a beautiful day. 
Came home and Bill hung up some of the metal sculptures we bought in Mexico. Also put out his parrot. The other day I got some more artificial flowers for the pots. Colorful patio. 
I watched NASCAR and he read until end of race which he watched with me. Fixing corned beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage for dinner since we missed Saint Patrick's Day.
Maybe one of these days we'll get our DVD and speakers hooked up to our living room TV. Something else we should have done before hanging the TV on the wall in the living room. Live and learn. 

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