Friday, March 10, 2017

I drank my lunch!

Guess I'm eventually change my header.
It is a very good thing that I didn't write this blog yesterday. By the time we got here to San Carlos I was in a crappy mood. More on that later. And yes I did have a margarita for lunch!
First we got gasoline - this Pemex #4925 where we spent the night does not take American Credit Cards. Good thing we had enough pesos to fill up. They do have an ATM at the restaurant. We left the Pemex at 7:30 and headed south - yes that is right - south. We had to go about a mile to get to a Retorno so we could get back on the northbound lanes. We were the only RV in the lot with about 7 trucks. 
Heading back north we soon passed the Pemex and their good restaurant Elbo. Gas pumps are separate from diesel pumps. Easy in and out. 
If you are looking for that Pemex while headed north after passing it there is a sign for the Pemex closer to town. A reminder to watch for the Retorno to get to #4925. The Retorno is at Km 196, about 3/4 of a mile beyond the actual station.
So finally headed north through Los Mochis. Overcast sky so it stayed cool most of the day. Also no wind. There were five toll booths for a total of US$50. They should have paid us to use most of the road. It took us a little over 5 hours to go the 240 miles. A lot of this stretch of highway is free road with the accompanying topes. Just one of the toll signs. We pay automovil and autobuses - 2 Ejes axels. 
Traffic, pedestrians, trucks, cows and horses -Lots of tractors in this area too. 
The good parts of the road lull you into enjoying the ride THEN the road goes to hell or is under construction  
Several check points military and agriculture. No one came in just asked either "any fruit" or "where are you going? Where have you been?" 
One military one was checking for drugs or guns going into Sonora - Bill asked. I forgot to mention that the day before around Culican area there was a very heavy Federal Police presence on the highway.
Into Sonora.
Going through one check point - looking for fruit. 
This truck decided to cross the road in front of us. We have good brakes. 
I started keeping track of the kilometer points for rough roads and for construction, but gave up after about 6 notations. Lots of detours from north to southbound lanes and back. Lots of new cement highways going in. 
Lots of topes especially when coming to the Pemex stations. Lots of new topes by the little towns. So WATCH for the signs!
A couple new nice toll booths, with actually enough space to get an RV through without worrying about the mirrors.  Leaving either a check point or toll booth. Don't remember.
The turn off to go to Huatabampito is still under construction. Couldn't take it. 15-D is also under construction in that area. Heading into Navojoa. Of the 10 signals we made 2 on green. All the rest red.
 Going through Cuidad Obregon. Watch the signs closely. The pavement is good the traffic is heavy. They are building a by pass, sure hope they get it done soon. 
Making use of the tope. 
The shaking on the rough roads was really bad. Going slow, going fast - no different. A couple of things shook loose in the RV. Drawer opened. All in all I hated the day. Bill took it in stride. Well kind of.
So after parking, if stopping at Totonaka make reservations. Really full. We had lunch on the beach at La Palapa. 
Cooled down nicely for sleeping. 
Trip to Home Depot this morning. 


Janet said...

Would you be "Shaken" not stirred? The bad roads can make a short day really long! - couple of days rest- things will improve. Snowed five inches last night!

Carol and Bill said...

Believe me we were well shaken. Going to be in high 80s here and in 90s in Phoenix starting Tuesday.