Monday, March 27, 2017

Tell me it isn't so. Turquoise Peeps?

A very windy and in places wet day here in Las Vegas. Winds are supposed to really pick up tonight. So we brought the new parrot - paper mache - inside. Don't want him to get blown over.
Speaking of the wind. Our neighbor said right after we left there was a violent wind storm. We came home to one corner of our roof peeled up. Called the insurance company today, an adjuster will be here tomorrow. Be nice if we can get a whole new roof. Lots of shingles are missing. And more blowing off today. 
I muttered some about the planes on the dining room table and now they have a new home in the garage, along with the drone.
 Fixed corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and carrots for dinner last night. YUM. Turned our really good. Only problem too much of it. We'll be eating left overs for a while. In fact that is what I'm going to have for dinner tonight. 
 Finally got my hummingbird feeders out again with nectar in them. Was surprised to see a little bird all ready this morning. 
We were out and about for a while today. Picking a few things up when I saw these Peeps. I'm sorry but there is just something not right about turquoise peeps. I can see the pink ones, but Turquoise? Not right!
Lots of excitement in the city today. It is official the Raiders will be coming here. So now there is a hockey and a football team. Guess sit will bring a lot of money to town. Lots of construction will be going on. 
The Jeep is still at the mechanics. The RV is at the dealers. When we get it back it needs a very good cleaning. 
Went to CVS this morning to pick up our prescriptions - wow - always sticker shock even with insurance. 
I talked to our son who had the brain aneurysm. He sounds good, says he is doing fine. But has not had any follow up care. Waiting for paper work to go through. He is keeping busy and getting around fine. But says every once in a while he will do something weird. Like trying to put the milk away in the microwave. It kind of worries him. but heck I've been doing stupid stuff like that for years. He probably did too but didn't wonder about it before. 


Unknown said...

My goodness, you have neen busy and have a lot on your plate..Miss you both, love Shirlie.

Carol and Bill said...

little by little getting things done.

Dirk Digler said...

Enjoying your blog! P.s. I've been doing stupid stuff my whole life!

Carol and Bill said...

We all do weird/stupid things, but usually just laugh them off. However now that Bill and I are older we wonder more about why we do them.